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Sanyuanli International Leather Festival

by:Xilong      2020-03-22
The 4th Guangzhou Sanyuanli International Leather Festival will be held in Sanyuanli leather trade circle from October 31 to November 4, 2012. The leather goods festival was jointly sponsored by the China Leather Association and the Baiyun district government of Guangzhou. It is reported that this year's leather goods Festival has been open to the public to solicit plans for the event. Sanyuanli leather goods business circle has 34 professional markets and 1. 20 thousand households, of which the number of luggage enterprises reached 8650 and the number of enterprises above designated size exceeded 6000; The number of employees in luggage enterprises is nearly 250, and the total industrial output value of luggage industry has exceeded 300 yuan, with the output of luggage products reaching 1. 8. 9 billion pieces, luggage products exports of about 14. 0. 7 billion US dollars, the total tax on luggage products above designated size reached 1. 0. 8 billion yuan. Xu Yong, consultant of China Light Industry Federation and honorary president of China Leather Association, said that China currently has 25 national-level characteristic leather industry bases, all of which are production and manufacturing industry bases, only Sanyuanli leather goods business circle is the only display, trade type of leather luggage finished product characteristic industrial base. Just like this, Guangzhou International Leather Goods Festival has always been Sanyuanli Street, Baiyun district. Facing the good situation that the operating area of the market of Sanyuanli leather goods business circle is increasing and the trading volume is increasing, Baiyun district promotes the transformation of the market trading mode, taking informatization as the means and leading enterprises as the breakthrough point, vigorously guide the leather goods market to gradually change to a modern leather goods trading center, and the trading mode will gradually develop from spot trading to spot and quasi-futures trading.
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