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Sanmiao method helps you identify the quality of the bag

by:Xilong      2020-04-09
Although the quality of big-name bags is good, the price of tens of thousands of thousands of people has made many people stop, so many people choose a hundred yuan bag, although these bags are not as famous as LV and PRADA, however, the quality and style are much better than those of dozens of bags, but how to judge the quality of bags? Today, I will tell you the quality of the bag from three points. First of all, we need to look at the material of the bag. At this time, we choose the most important part of the bag. Now there are many kinds of materials for making the bag, such as cloth, PU, leather, etc. The material of the cloth is very good to judge, and the quality difference can be felt through the hand feeling, while the leather is mainly genuine leather and PU leather. At present, most of the customized bags are made of PU leather, which is to glue a layer of PU on an already thin layer of leather, so that it feels good and has good gloss, the tag still indicates the use of cowhide or sheepskin. In fact, this kind of fabric is good, feels similar to genuine leather, and is not as expensive as genuine leather, not easy to dirty and durable. Second, judging from the workmanship. Compared with other sewing materials, the fabric of the bag is much thicker and harder, and it also has a certain shape and three-dimensional feeling, so the sewing requirements of the bag are very high. To see whether the sewing of the bag is fine, we usually start from the details, such as whether there is any excess outside the binding, especially the inside of the bag, whether there is any distortion in the sewing of the hand strap, this process requires skill and physical strength. The simplest way is to pull the zipper a few times to see if it is smooth. If it is not smooth, it means that the bag is a bit distorted. If the pull head is squeezed into the lining, the workmanship is a bit poor! In addition, after the bag is opened, the lining should be closely attached to the fabric, and the internal space is clear at a glance, corresponding to the size of the bag body. If not, it means that the work of the bag is not very good. The third is hardware accessories. There are some hardware accessories on each bag, the most common is zipper! The hardware accessories on the good bag customization are very bright, and the bad hardware looks only rough plating, not polished, the surface is not smooth, and the color is not pure. Other decorations, such as diamond knots, are not strong and the color is not correct. I believe everyone has some identification. Good hardware accessories and some metal trademarks are polished after fine steel electroplating, which is not easy to rust or oxidize.
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