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Samsonite expands high-end luggage market in China

by:Xilong      2020-03-24
This year's economic situation is not good, in a downturn, no matter what market seems to be affected, Samsonite's luggage market is different, upstream. In July, Samsonite bought Hartmann and HighSierra in one breath. The newly disclosed semi-annual report shows that its sales revenue reached 8. 5%. 4. 7 billion US dollars, up 13. 5% year on year. 8%. Among them, the sales revenue of the Chinese market in the first half of the year reached 8469. $40 thousand, an increase of 34. 7%. The growth of the domestic market is so considerable that it is attracting Samsonite, a luggage giant. Its vice president in China said in an interview that it plans to open 200 new outlets every year to expand the Chinese market. At present, Samsonite's brand Samsonite and meitravel has about 1200 outlets in China. For the reverse market expansion under the sluggish economic situation, its vice president in China is optimistic. In addition to the expansion of store opening in Reverse Market, Hartmann, a brand acquired by Samsonite, also wants to seize the Chinese luxury luggage market. Hartmann's positioning is higher than that of the main brand Samsonite, which will effectively supplement Samsonite's luxury luggage series. The brand is not positioned at about 1000 and plans to enter the Chinese market next year.
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