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Reveal the production cost of luggage and be careful of the 'low price trap'

by:Xilong      2020-04-19
Entering the era of personalized consumption, personalized luggage customization has become a fashion, favored and sought after. As one of the necessary equipment for travel, luggage plays a very important and indispensable role in life. Nowadays, personalized luggage customization is quickly used by various enterprises for gift or promotion activities, becoming an economical and practical enterprise gift or promotional gift. When it comes to the production cost of bags and bags, many people know that the quality of different bags, their production costs are certainly not the same. In fact, the production cost of luggage is the sum of the fabric, lining, hardware, labor price and the profit of the manufacturer. High-grade bags are exquisite in workmanship and the materials used are also refined, thus the production cost is relatively high. However, the workmanship and materials of low-grade bags are often compared, and the cost of production is naturally not high. Now the internet is very developed, many people know the convenience of the network, usually on the Internet to find some luggage factory. When looking for a luggage factory online, in addition to paying attention to the quotation of the luggage factory, you should be more careful. 'Low price trap'. Factories with very low prices or customers having the final say are extremely dangerous. Such factories are usually small workshops. These small workshops have almost no management costs, and many processes are saved in terms of workmanship, which greatly reduces the quality of products. A penny for a penny is an eternal truth. If you want to ensure the quality of your products, you 'd better find a regular professional luggage factory. Luggage factories with good strength and high scale generally have a perfect quality control system, and each process has strict process standards and control to ensure the quality level of products. However, these are one of the production costs of luggage and bags, and are also the main reasons for the high price quoted by luggage factories. Personalized luggage customization looking for Xilong luggage, founded in 2004, we are a professional luggage customization manufacturer, dedicated to providing valuable luggage customization services, with rich production experience and excellent design team, is a trustworthy manufacturer, escort for product quality!
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