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Remember the three principles of choosing business gifts

by:Xilong      2020-04-16
In business activities, business gifts are often an important medium to transmit emotions between the giver and the recipient. Business gifts often convey and demonstrate their gift value through high-end conference forums and other communication behaviors. So, what is the best choice for business gifts, and is there anything particular about them? Let's take a look at the business gift selection of Xilong luggage. Remember the three principles. Let's learn about it. First, don't send those with low sense of value. If the gifts given to the guests make people feel that they are rough quality and cheap roadside goods, or the conference gifts sent to the participants feel useless, they will be shelved after returning home, this kind of gift not only fails to reach the original intention of the conference organizers, but also makes the participants feel unhappy and neglected. Second, the quality is not good, do not send. For example, some fragile or poor quality products are best not to choose. If the participants happily took the conference gift, go home and open it to see that it is broken, or it has not been used for a long time, such a gift will definitely give the participants a big discount on the impression of the conference organizer. Three, large volume does not send, heavy weight does not send. Usually, the participants are all single to attend the meeting. If after the meeting, the organizer will give the conference gift of excessive size, which will not only make it inconvenient for the participants to carry, it will also invisibly turn gifts into guests. 'Burden'. Summary: based on the above points, when choosing meeting gifts, enterprises can choose meeting gifts with the characteristics of significance, strong sense of value, strong practicability, small size, portable belt, etc. for emotional continuation after the meeting.
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