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Pull rod bag is not good for students' development and growth Hefei Normal school attached requirements are disabled

by:Xilong      2020-03-14
Recently, Hefei Normal School Affiliated Primary School launched a call to the whole school students, asking students to bid farewell to the trolley bag and carry the bag to school. The luggage-type trolley bag is bulky, and it is very easy to cause congestion during the Walking process, especially in the upper and lower floors, which becomes the cause of the stampede. In actual use, the trolley bag is not as practical as parents think. The metal base weighs about 1 kg, the long trolley is about 1 kg, and the huge bag is several times heavier than the ordinary bag, it is easy to cause potential safety hazards. Long-term single-handed bag, bone stress imbalance, can lead to cervical spondylosis and even spine reverse bending. Cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and their jurisdictions have already banned the trolley bags. After the textbook is recycled, the students' schoolbags are much lighter. The back of the backpack makes the shoulders evenly stressed, and the body is in a balanced state, which is conducive to the development of the student's spine and shoulder blades. Hefei Normal School uses educational channels such as speaking under the national flag, class meetings, and home visits to guide students and parents to raise awareness, and calls on students not to blindly follow the trend, not to pursue novelty and fashion, to study in a down-to-earth manner, and to be a person. A parent said with deep feelings:' How can we shoulder the important task of building our motherland in the future if we can't even afford the schoolbag? ' This article is customized and released by Xilong pull rod luggage.
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