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'Promotional gifts' that allow the tourism industry to make profits'

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
In fact, the tourism industry is also divided into low and high seasons. How can new tourists be introduced in the low season? It depends on whether you will do it or not. To put it bluntly, it is necessary to know how to engage in activities to attract people. When it comes to activities, of course, some gifts are indispensable, however, these gifts cannot be chosen casually, but must be targeted. For example, in the tourism industry, the most suitable gifts are folding travel backpacks, travel bags, rinse bags and cosmetic bags---- The relevant travel suit is called making the best use of everything. The item should be used in a suitable place, which is the most valuable item, such as which item mentioned above, if the tourism industry can select one or two to engage in activities, the turnover will definitely increase. Speaking of this Xilong Xiaobian, today, I have specially compiled two products suitable for tourism activities to attract tourists, I hope everyone likes it. 1: Travel Bag Model: 311020 material: 600D printing, ingredients: 600D encryption lining: Apollo printing size: 50*28*25cm this travel bag, the main material is 600D encryption material, very wear-resistant, moreover, more humanized shoe bags are designed on both sides to hold shoes, the front zipper slide bag can hold small items such as mobile phones, the main zipper bag can rotate clothes, and the hand arm is pasted, which is comfortable, firm and solid, users can choose freely whether to lift or pull. This travel bag is fashionable and beautiful. 2: folding travel backpack, model: 312075 material: fine-grained nylon, main material: fine-grained nylon, size: 44. 5*34*15CM this folding travel backpack is made of fine-grained nylon material. It feels smooth, soft and comfortable. It is equipped with double shoulder straps and a small humanized zipper bag in the front. It can be folded for storage when not in use, it can save your space. The overall design style of this bag is casual and simple, and the color is eye-catching and fashionable. It is definitely a must for your travel. More luggage information'Sweep and pay attention'
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