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Promotional gifts procurement plan for automobile industry

by:Xilong      2020-04-18
The promotion activities of the automobile industry are the unchanging laws in the industry. In every hot period or the off-season of automobile sales, the promotion of the automobile industry will be used, promotional gifts have become an indispensable role in car promotion activities. What is the purchase plan for promotional gifts in the automobile industry? First of all, we must understand our own product positioning. Each similar product is divided into three categories, low and high, and so is the automobile industry. Therefore, we must understand what the product service orientation of our automobile products is before we can confirm the next plan. Secondly, we consider crowd positioning. Most of the buyers in the automobile industry are men in their prime. Men in their prime generally have a certain social status and sufficient capital flow, so the gifts they can attract should not be too stingy, but also in line with the aesthetic and consumption views of this group of people. The above two kinds can be accurately positioned. If our products belong to the middle and high-end, and the crowd is mainly business white-collar people, we can choose a popular one on the market. Light fashion, light business' The backpack on the shoulders of the computer, the use of simple business at work, and the use of fashion and light in life. It not only satisfies their aesthetic standards for fashion pursuit, but also enables them to use it in work and life, which conforms to the practical consumption concept of double use.
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