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Promotion methods and contingency measures commonly used by enterprises at the end of the year

by:Xilong      2020-03-30
The arrival of the end of the year means that the new year is coming. This is the time for the purchase of New Year's goods. Enterprises and merchants have come up with their own products and plan a product. Year-End Promotion Program'. Promotion at the end of the year is generally divided into two situations 1. The enterprise will sell the products of the pressure box at a low price. Take the new product as Experiment 3. Taking advantage of the end of the year to give back new and old customers, according to the above three promotions, we mainly talk about gift promotion and membership promotion. Membership-based promotion means that every year's festival or activity will promise to give promised benefits to a certain requirement. For old customers, they are basically given gifts during the holidays, or they are given gifts for the purchase of goods and accumulated points. Membership promotion converts customers into'Higher services', Is mainly one of the means to retain old customers. Gift Promotion is the oldest and most effective means of promotion. Gift promotion is to make customers have a strong desire to buy, encourage customers to repeat consumption or increase consumption. It is generally applicable to new product test gifts, old customer gifts and corporate brand promotion. The same point between membership promotion and gift promotion is gift giving. Enterprises purchase gifts in bulk to a large extent or hope to promote their brand image while selling products, so it is very important to choose good gifts. Enterprises give gifts to promote brands. Customers take a fancy to gifts because they are connected with enterprise products and can be used repeatedly in daily life. According to the requirements of the enterprise and customers, the enterprise chooses to customize a bag marked by the enterprise brand, so that customers can use the bag as a shopping bag in the purchase of products, in the life activities of customers, the brand image of the enterprise is indirectly increased by a large amount of exposure.
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