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Professional terms and processing methods of luggage and bags-terms of inspection technology

by:Xilong      2020-03-21
1. Poor defects: carefully check all kinds of defects and defects on the surface of raw and auxiliary materials. Defects and defects that seriously affect cutting and product quality should be removed before production. 2. Check stains: check the contamination of raw materials and auxiliary materials, and carry out corresponding treatment according to the stain treatment method. 3. Check the color difference: check the difference between the original and auxiliary fabrics in color and luster, and classify the diseases according to the color and luster. 4. Width: classify the original and auxiliary fabrics according to the width of the door to facilitate the production and processing of subsequent processes. 5. Poor lining color and feel: check the color and feel of the lining material, and classify and archive according to the inspection results. 6. Weft deviation: check the weft inclination of textile fabrics and control the cutting operation in time. 7. Compound Rice: review whether the yield of each original and auxiliary material meets the process requirements, and report the results in time. 8. Analysis and inspection of physical and chemical indexes: carry out detailed analysis and inspection of relevant physical and chemical indexes of raw and auxiliary materials according to product production requirements, including expansion rate, tensile strength, tear strength, heat resistance and color fastness, with dry and wet fastness and other tests, the inspection results should be issued in a timely manner. Recommended Related reading: luggage terminology and processing methods of cutting technology terminology luggage terminology and processing methods of sewing terminology
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