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Professional terminology of luggage customization process

by:Xilong      2020-04-20
In the process of luggage customization, the terminology is often communicated between the master and the sales staff. At this time, the gift owner and the luggage purchase are usually covered. What terminology should be understood in the luggage industry? Let's listen to the scientific popularization of Xilong bags! 1. Poor defects. Carefully check the raw materials and accessories for customized luggage. If there are various defects and defects on their surfaces, the defects and defects that will seriously affect the cutting and product quality effects must be removed before production. 2, check the stain. Check the contamination of raw materials and auxiliary materials of the bag, and carry out corresponding treatment according to the stain treatment method. 3, check the color difference. Check the color difference of raw materials and auxiliary materials in color, and classify them according to the color condition. 4, width. The raw materials and auxiliary materials are classified according to the width of the door width to facilitate the production and processing of subsequent processes. 5, poor lining color, feel. Check the color and feel of the lining material, and classify and archive according to the inspection results. 6. Oblique latitude difference. Check the weft inclination of textile fabrics and control the cutting operation in time. 7, complex rice. Recheck whether the yield of each piece of raw materials and auxiliary materials meets the process requirements, and report the results in time. 8. Analysis and inspection of physical and chemical indexes. According to the requirements of luggage production, carry out detailed analysis and inspection on the relevant physical and chemical indexes of raw materials and auxiliary materials, including stretching rate, tensile strength, tear resistance, heat resistance and color fastness, with dry and wet fastness and other tests, the inspection results should be issued in a timely manner. The above are the professional terms that professionals will use in the luggage customization process. As the person in charge of enterprise procurement and gifts, we still need to know some terms to communicate and prevent being fooled, it is still necessary for us to learn knowledge.
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