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Professional customization of medical machinery Toolkit

by:Xilong      2020-04-05
As another giant of China'Medical Device Industry' Due to the rapid development in recent years, it has gradually become an important field of medical device industry service in China. Domestic policy support, with the acceleration of the aging population, and the expansion of overseas market demand, has brought greater procurement demand for medical consumables and household medical equipment; As a result, many large and small medical device manufacturing enterprises have sprung up in China, and the rise of this industry has made medical instrument and equipment kits emerge as the times require. No matter what kind of equipment, an outer package is essential, so as a medical machinery industry, the equipment is of high-end atmosphere and high grade, therefore, the demand for toolkits is also a hot topic in the medical machinery industry. Xilong bag is a medical instrument kit specially designed for Kehui medical company. The Birth of this style has attracted countless medical circles to favor the kit. This medical kit is made of nylon material imported from the United States, waterproof and wear-resistant, long service life; The handle and shoulder strap are made of flexible diving material, which is comfortable to use and can reduce the stress; The shoulder strap is designed as a detachable type, which can be lifted and carried. It can be worn in three ways; The internal structure is fine and powerful, with full open cover and zipper type opening design, and is equipped with professional medical equipment free storage layer and double-sided multifunctional storage layer. Famous Top 500 enterprise, Shanghai (Ke Hui) It is a world-leading manufacturer of medical equipment supplies, diagnostic imaging agents and drugs, and is in a leading position in the industry in the three major fields of medical devices, medical products and medical supplies.
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