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Precautions for the purchase of the chassis

by:Xilong      2020-02-28
Boarding box is a box specially designed for boarding passengers to carry passengers' luggage. As airlines have strict regulations on the luggage capacity to bring planes free of charge, the size of boarding box is in line with regulations, can take the plane. Today, Xilong luggage manufacturers will tell you how to buy a good quality boarding box, let's take a look. 1. Pay attention to whether the zipper is smooth, whether there is missing teeth, dislocation, whether the stitched line is straight, the upper and lower lines should be matched, no empty needle, jump needle, generally, jumpers are easy to be found in corners and corners. 2, it depends on whether there is disability in the box and the box surface (Such as fabric breaking warp and weft, wire jumping, split, etc) The inspection methods for accessories such as pull rods, walking wheels and box locks are the same as those for purchasing travel suitcases. The trolley case can be carried by hand or dragged. The wheels of the trolley case we usually use are basically located at the bottom of the case, and modern people have designed a new form of trolley case, the box is designed into a cylinder shape, and the wheels are completely outsourced to the outside of the box. Such a roller design enables this luggage case to better adapt to different terrains, if you pull the box directly, you can easily go up and down the stairs. 3. What is easily damaged when the suitcase is in use is the handle, pull rod and walking wheel. Most of the case handles are plastic parts. When selecting them, we should focus on checking the quality of the plastic. Generally, the plastic with good quality has certain plasticity, while the plastic with poor quality is hard and brittle, which is easy to break in use. 4. The box pull rod is mostly retractable. When selecting, press the lock button and stretch it several times. The pull rod should be flexible. The fit gap between the fixed rod and the telescopic rod should be moderate, and the expansion amount should not be too large. 5. When selecting the walking wheel of the box, the simple method is to put the box upside down, leave the wheel on the ground, and toggle the wheel by hand to make it idle. The wheel should rotate lightly and flexibly, the wheel and the axle are not tight and loose. After checking the wheels one by one, you can put the box on the ground and drag it back and forth. The whole box is not strange with the manual.
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