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Precautions for customizing kindergarten schoolbags

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
Kindergarten schoolbags are children's small Partners, accompanying children's growth. However, it should be noted that children should be given appropriate schoolbags so as not to burden children and even affect their development. Now more and more kindergartens choose to customize kindergarten schoolbags, but some matters needing attention should be understood. Note 1: pay attention to the choice of cooperative manufacturers. It is best to find large manufacturers to cooperate with kindergarten schoolbags. Attention should be paid to the reputation of manufacturers, brand reputation, Operation Status, design ability, after-sales service, etc. The kindergarten bag customization manufacturer recommends Xilong bags. We have been focusing on bags customization for more than ten years and have served many top 500 enterprises. We are your trustworthy manufacturer. Note 2: customized schoolbags can be added with special culture. Customized kindergarten schoolbags can be printed with kindergarten name, contact information, specific address, advertising, etc. , and icons can also be printed, maximize the spread of brand information. Tsinghua school bag series customized by Xilong luggage (Point chart can be viewed) Note 3: pay attention to the style design of the schoolbag. The style design of the schoolbag is very important. A well-designed schoolbag is not only easy to be loved by children, but also greatly reduces the burden on children. Generally speaking, the size of the schoolbag should be adapted to the height and body width of the children, and should also be a good carrying system, and should also pay attention to the color matching. Xilong luggage has been engaged in the luggage customization industry. In the customization process of schoolbags, there are three parts: design, research and development and customization, which exclusively assist kindergartens to complete the conception of schoolbags and the appearance of finished products.
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