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pp shopping bag, paper or plastic bags? which one should we choose?

by:Xilong      2019-09-30
Your department store often gives you the choice to use between plastics (PE)
Paper bags for shopping.
Many shopping malls do not even have other options, only plastic bags are provided.
But do you understand that two plastic bags and paper bags can cause damage to the natural environment in many different places?
For this reason, now Wise buyers choose to use Pp shopping bags.
Yes, these pp-made shopping bags can be a better alternative to plastic and paper bags.
When we use the disadvantages of paper bags and PE to evaluate the benefits of PP shopping bags (plastic)
On the other hand, we can understand why we should use woven pp shopping bags from now on.
Power consumption--
PP shopping bags.
Paper bags PP shopping bags made of polypropylene resin can be produced from crude oil.
Plastic bags also come from PE resin.
Paper bags are made of wood from trees.
In order to make paper bags, you have to plant a lot of trees and then fall down, then dry the logs completely and then produce the pulp.
Finally, you need a lot of water to clean the pulp and press it into paper.
This course requires about four times more power than making a polypropylene bag. 2.
The durability of woven polypropylene bags while woven shopping bags can hold nearly 100 of load, they are torn off if plastic or paper bags are made to carry a heavy load.
As a result, polypropylene shopping bags are much stronger than different shopping bags because they use polypropylene fabric as a base substance. 3.
Reusable polypropylene bag
As we know, disposable plastic bags are very weak and sometimes only use once to take the product home in the mall.
So, after using it for a while, we often throw away these things.
This is a huge amount of garbage that will accumulate soon.
Disposable plastic bags in landfill sites have also seriously affected the living environment.
Stronger woven pp shopping bags can be used thousands of times in many applications.
So if we replace the plastic bag with reusable polypropylene bags, it will cause less pollution and energy. 4.
A sustainable solution should be a reasonable PP shopping bag, with lower manufacturing costs compared to different reusable bags such as sacks, cloth bags, paper bags.
The real choice of sustainable support for the living environment should be affordable, so most shoppers can buy it and then reuse it.
PP shopping bags may be the best choice for buyers with positive features: cheap, powerful, long termlife assured.
Nowadays, the reusable woven pp shopping bags offered by many supermarkets to shoppers are greatly reduced, so why don\'t you bring a lot of small plastic bags instead of buying a good PP shopping bag? 5.
Another advantage of reusable PP shopping bags is its printing design.
These bags can have exclusive fashion prints, which may promote the brand of merchants.
You can\'t find this different design and style in plastic or paper bags, which you can find here.
Polypropylene shopping bags can be found in a variety of attractive colors and stylish designs.
So if you want to live in a safe, pollution-free living environment, then choose the reusable woven PP shopping bag and enjoy a bigger life!
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