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plastic shopping bags are finally on the way out

by:Xilong      2019-09-28
When I visited my elderly parents in Los Angeles a few years ago, I stopped to eat some healthy food.
At checkout, the young man who packed my groceries asked me about my usual \"Paper or Plastic ? \"?
I will tell you what I want.
I want a plastic bag and I can take my food in, take it apart at home, knead it in a bowl and pour the milk on it to eat, \"I replied with no irony.
He thought for a moment, then smiled brightly and said, \"soon!
\"I\'m not sure when we will have edible shopping bags but it seems to be single
Use plastic when you go out.
When the big chains like Kroger announced a phase-out, it was far more than the progressive enclave that enacted primarily symbolic local regulations.
In a world of sustainable living, we are at a time of fun and exciting development.
Edible dish with pressed wheat bran; corn-, sugarcane-, potato-
And other plants.
Biodegradable disposable products;
And a range of items and products designed to replace the dreaded plastic beverage straws.
Expansion is becoming widespread and affordable.
The time is getting shorter and shorter, and the response to the inevitable unexpected consequences is getting faster and more thoughtful. (
Some people, mostly disabled, need these straws).
Through all this, we began to behave more like Europeans, carrying a woven grocery bag in his wallet or briefcase for years, make a sound while passing the local street market or on the way home at a smart convenience store.
Asian countries have also paid great attention to these issues and have achieved different results.
We even know that these bags do need to be thrown into the washing machine on a regular basis so that we don\'t get ourselves or loved ones sick.
Progress is an interesting thing.
Even a step back, three steps forward is sometimes the perfect choice.
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