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plastic ban: shopping gets messy with paper bags for meat vendors, customers | pune news - times of india

by:Xilong      2019-08-17
Pune: Mallika Dasgupta shuddered, recalling her arrival at the Salunke Vihar Road residence on Monday from the Chhatrapati Shivaji market, carrying the parcel in the newspaper
\"The paper is wet because it is difficult to prevent rain.
Before the ban is imposed, the government should finalize some alternative materials to pack the items, \"she said.
Kondhwa resident Iftikaar Sheikh decided to carry a Garmin box every time he visited the fish market from now on.
\"I bought 1 kg lbs of prawns for 400 rupees, and when the paper bag used to wrap the prawns was damaged, everything was on the way,\" he said . \".
In the absence of plastic bags, fish and meat suppliers either pack the items in paper bags or ask customers to carry steel or aluminum containers.
Salim Abdul, a supplier of the Shivaji market, said the government should consider the requirements of traders and customers across market segments.
\"No one would like to ship meat products in paper bags or cloth bags,\" he said . \".
A lot of people are on the phone.
Door-to-door service.
Nizar Khan, a representative of a fish and chicken store on B G Lonkar Road, said demand for door-to-door delivery was increasing.
\"The problem is with the people who shop to buy chickens.
A few minutes after we put the item in, the brown paper bag was torn off.
60 per custom backpacks-70 paise.
\"Every time we buy a bag, we can\'t afford to spend more than 1 euro,\" Nizar said . \".
The representative of a chicken and fish shop on Salunkhe Vihar Road said, \"most customers are not satisfied with paper bags.
The rain made the situation worse.
Some customers carry steel vessels.
But not convenient.
\"Bindu Nell Dhanrajnagar work professional in-house pure gold shirt,\" I am not sure the supplier will pack the fish.
I took a clay pot with a lid on it to buy my weekly fish quota.
I also carry a custom backpacks, \"said Kshitija Dighe, who had a painful time carrying the fish in her paper custom backpacks.
\"From now on, I will go to the fish market with a steel appliance,\" she said . \".
Suresh Jagtap, deputy director of PMC and head of solid waste management, said civic institutions will seek advice from the government on how to solve the problem.
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