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plastic bags shown the door

by:Xilong      2019-09-15
Say goodbye to plastic bags in Tasmania.
As of Friday, retailers are no longer able to offer plastic shopping bags to shoppers.
This includes the purpose of enabling goods sold or sold by retailers to be transported from the retailer\'s premises.
Shoppers can buy eco-friendly bags for a small fee.
Tasmanian plastic shopping bag ban Act 2013 aims to reduce the number of light plastic shopping bags in Tasmania by encouraging the use of clean reusable bags.
Senior sales associate at Westend Wynyard IGA Robyn Diprose said her store did not receive any negative feedback from customers.
\"I don\'t have anything negative,\" said Diprose . \" MS.
\"I don\'t think that\'s going to be a big problem.
Ms. Diprose said that consumers must abide by the law wherever they go.
\"I think it will be a positive thing once people get into the habit of this idea,\" she said . \".
\"We just charged 10 cents per bag and people would be happy to carry them with them if they had six things.
\"No matter where you go, you will bring yourself in (bags)
Or buy.
\"This legislation supports Tasman\'s waste and resource management strategy.
Similar legislation has been implemented in South Australia, the northern region and the act.
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