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plastic bag backlash gains momentum

by:Xilong      2019-08-21
This humble plastic bag was once considered a cheap and convenient way to transport groceries, and it has become a major scourge of modern society in the eyes of some.
In 1957, at the age of 1970, the plastic transport vehicle was first invented as a sandwich bag, replacing the paper bag and becoming the first choice for transportation and shopping.
But in the past decade, there has been a growing global resistance to thin disposable plastic bags.
In 2002, Bangladesh became the first country in the world to ban thin plastic bags because they blocked the drainage system in devastating floods.
Countries such as South Africa, Rwanda, China, Australia and Italy have followed suit.
This weekend, Britain\'s deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, announced plans to charge 5 p for plastic bags to stop the use of them.
This charge is for supermarkets and large stores only and will start after the 2015 election and plans to donate the proceeds to charity.
The move will align Britain with the rest of the UK
Fees for Wales and Northern Ireland were in place last year, and Scotland will follow up next year.
The end of the British love for plastic bags dates back to the picturesque town of Modbury in Devon. Film-
Manufacturer and local resident Rebecca Hosking launched a counter
Plastic custom backpacks movement, after she was taken to Hawaii to shoot a turtle with plastic bags in her mouth for BBC2 program nature World, albatross fed plastic to their chicks.
She convinced all 43 shopkeepers in town to replace their plastic bags with reusable plastic bags, making Modbury the first town in the UK to become a plastic bag
May 2007 free
A spokeswoman for the lazy cow gift shop and cafe in town said it was a plastic bag
Freedom is \"a way of life here \".
She said the government should charge more for each bag.
\"If a bag of 50 p, people will think twice,\" she said . \".
\"Five pence is nothing.
Kay Freeman, the owner of the town\'s wild goose antiques, added: \"I think people think it might be a publicity stunt, but that\'s not the case.
\"When we started charging for the first time, we lost money because plastic bags were much cheaper than paper bags.
\"Small stores are more hit by it, but we seem to be more willing to do so.
\"On 2008, after the minister promised to charge a minimum fee for plastic bags, parliamentary leaders withdrew their offer to ban plastic shopping bags in London.
Martha\'s department store (M&S)
In May 2008, the standard food plastic tote bags introduced the cost of 5 p, although they still gave away smaller plastic bags.
A company spokesman said the charges reduced the number of bags issued by 80%.
He said the M & S food hall distributed 0. 464 billion shopping bags in 2007.
The figure fell 2012 to 0. 116 billion.
\"This is an easy way for our customers to participate in our ecological and ethical projects,\" he said . \".
He said that there is no plan to increase the 5 p charge so far, which has raised 6 pounds for the environmental charity foundation, the WWF and the Marine Conservation Association.
But a spokesman from the government-
Funded organizations that help companies and individuals reduce waste say that all shopping bags should be charged no matter what they are made.
In fact, initiatives in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland apply both to plastic bags and to paper bags.
Meanwhile, Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the taxpayer union, said the tax was \"like smashing nuts with Sledgehammer \".
\"As in the past, such silly taxes and regulations can do the worst harm to low-income small businesses and families,\" he said . \".
\"Taxing plastic bags is a ridiculous idea, especially when politicians are trying to find a solution to the rising cost of living.
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