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Photography enthusiasts must see: the real role of the camera bag

by:Xilong      2020-04-06
The camera bag is an indispensable prop for every enthusiast and a warm nest for the camera. However, there are also some so-called photographer's satirical camera bags. Do you really understand why there is a classification of camera bags? Today, I will tell you what the camera bag can prevent? 1. Anti-collision ability, generally speaking, the thicker the sponge lining and separation of the camera bag, the higher its protective performance, but blindly increasing the thickness of the lining and separation will increase the weight of the bag and reduce mobility. In fact, the anti-collision ability of most camera bags is not bad, even the softer bags are quite good, as long as there are sponge pads separated, the internal equipment will not bump each other. General package weak link is the top cover, because the top cover is not sponge protection, so special attention should be paid when using. 2. Rain and snow proof. For the usual canvas camera bag, it is no problem to resist the attack of light rain, but in comparison, the nylon fabric camera bag has a slightly stronger rain-proof and snow-proof performance. For photographers, it is common to travel around the world. It is common to alternate hot and cold for a week outside. However, cameras should pay special attention to snowy days. Nylon camera bags effectively protect snow from melting into the bags, however, once there is too much snow on the camera bag, it can still slowly penetrate into the bag. Therefore, if you want to completely get rid of the invasion of rain, snow and dust, you still need to use a rain cover. Generally speaking, it is no problem for a camera bag with a rain cover to resist heavy rain, but it is still necessary to pay attention to the tightness of the rain cover in the place where the straps are exposed, and the humidity is too high to have a certain impact on the equipment. 3. Moisture-proof and dust-proof capabilities. The camera bag with zipper seal is more dust-proof than the bag with buckle. This can be compared on the spot when choosing, and the difference in fabrics is quite obvious. In addition, many camera bags are now designed with waterproof and dustproof flanging at the zipper, and waterproof zippers are used, this greatly reduces the possibility of rain and dust entering the bag from the weak zipper to a certain extent. In addition, there are still some camera bags that are fully waterproof from fabric to zipper to provide better use when shooting with special needs.
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