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payless opens fake luxury store, tricks people into buying $600 shoes

by:Xilong      2019-08-28
A mini-
Under the bright fluorescent light, the runway with high heels sparkled.
Shoes of all types are neatly placed on various glass shelves.
A statue of a heavenly priest, carrying several shopping bags, stands in the middle. Los Angeles fashionista rubs his shoes, poses on the red carpet, and drinks champagne with tall slender glasses.
This is a private launch by Italian designer Bruno Palessi for a new luxury brand shoe called Palessi.
\"I will pay $400 and $500.
When a woman tried on a pair of bright clothes, she said, \"people will say, \'Where did you get those amazing things from\'
Gold sneakers with leopard print.
Because there is no such brand, and there is no Bruno Paris, the woman did not actually buy Paris.
Resources that are not paid, however --
A discount shoe retailer wants to change the status quo in a carefully designed wayand expensive -
Advertising pranks to attract new customers and change the company\'s view of selling only cheap, unfashionable shoes.
\"We feel that this event will be a great way for a lot of people to think again about unpaid, and realize that it\'s not just a shoe store in the mall,\" said Sarah Couch, chief marketing officer at payless.
But the prank also points to the reality of human thinking: Philip Graves, a British consumer behavior consultant, says consumers cannot tell the quality and value of what they buy. Slap a fancy-
Putting a European label on a $30 shoe, you create an illusion of status and people will pay a high price for it.
\"The way we evaluate things is through association.
If you put the wine in a beautiful bottle, people will prefer it.
\"If you wrap things up and look more upscale, people will prefer it,\" Graves said . \".
\"If the ads have a high quality of production, people will think it is better.
\"This campaign is a 10-
Personal advertising agency in Brooklyn
The DCX Growth Accelerator focuses on big media pranks, or what the company calls \"cultural hacks \".
\"A few weeks ago, the company sold its ideas to Payless, which has been looking for a way out. of-the-
Box advertising before the holiday season.
Doug Cameron, who created DCX in 2015, said DCX reviewed the early success of Payless, why its momentum has stalled, and what it can do to help reverse the brand.
Payless closed hundreds of stores last year and fired thousands of employees.
\"We want to do something provocative.
\"We want to pay off in cultural dialogue,\" Cameron said . \".
First, the team needed a location for a fake launch and found what they thought was the perfect location: a former George Armani store in Santa Monica Square, an upscale shopping center, there are stores like Louis Vuitton, Barnes, Michael Coles and Tiffany.
The team rented for six weeks.
Second, they need a name and they want something that sounds like it\'s not paid.
One of the earliest ideas was an upscale and stylish Brooklyn district.
They will call it the boutique of elipass.
But in the end, the team decided to focus on Italy.
They rearranged the letters in elipass and came up with Palessi.
\"I think Bruno came later,\" Cameron said of the fictional designer\'s name . \".
They hired an interior designer to help them create a real, luxurious look for the launch and for the people who are the sales staff.
They brought the gold mannequin with white paper shopping bags and installed the big one.
Angel statue with wings in the middle
Cameron said that in order to push things further without revealing jokes, they used gold to push --
Painted statues of lions and giraffes.
The team said they kept most of what was already in the store, such as glass shelves, on which they neatly arranged all kinds of high heels, sneakers, boots and leather shoes.
They covered the original brand label with a clean, black font sticker that says \"PALESSI\" and slapped the price tag up to $1,800.
The team also created an Instagram account and started crowding it with unwillfulness and random pictures of models and high heels.
They purchased and created a website that is almost empty except for images of two high heels on the mannequin.
Finally, they need potential consumers.
Cameron called it \"real choice \".
\"They search for social media influencers on the streets and on the Internet, fashion people who look likely to attend such events.
\"We think this is a new store, a new brand, and the owner is looking for some feedback,\" Cameron said . \".
On the day of the launch on October 27, unsuspecting participants lined up outside.
The DCX and Payless teams use the back of the store as a variety of control rooms equipped with monitors connected to the camera.
When people arrive, paid interviewers and photographers ask what they think of the shoes and how much they will pay for them.
Cameron and his team are at the back, dictating questions through the microphone.
\"Palessi is such a high quality, premium fashion that takes your shoe game to a new level,\" a man with a spike necklace holds a highheeled, knee-high boot.
\"It looks very good.
\"This is great.
\"Elegant, delicate and versatile,\" said a lady with a pair of floral heels.
\"As an Italian designer, I have experienced this very well,\" said another man with an accent . \".
After the participants bought high-priced shoes-
$200, $400 and $600--
They were taken backstage where the mischief was revealed.
\"You must be joking with me,\" said the woman who talked endlessly about those floral heels, opening her eyes wide and looking down at the high-priced shoes in her hand.
The team says people who buy shoes can keep them for free.
Los Angeles diamond designer Cat Chang is an unsuspecting fashionista.
She said she didn\'t buy shoes because she had already bought a bunch of shoes a few days ago.
But if she finds a pair of her sizes, she will.
\"We will never know.
\"We really believe it,\" she often said, spending money on the event.
\"They totally lied to us.
Zhang said the experience brought her back to the question of no pay and she planned to go to a store soon.
Graves, a consumer behavior consultant from the UK, said there will be some short-lived advertising campaigns
But he thinks it will not hurt the interests of established luxury brands.
\"Consumers have been paying huge prices,\" he said . \"
\"Some of the happiness we get from what we buy comes from the money we spend on these things.
\"He also doesn\'t think that this well-planned prank will have a lasting impact on the retailer\'s brand, which Payless calls\" millions of dollars of integrated marketing campaigns \".
He said: \"The next time someone walks into the unpaid shop, they go into the normal unpaid environment and see the average unpaid pricing
Not fashionable and charming red
A carpet shop in Los Angeles.
Couch, chief marketing officer at Payless, wants Graves to be wrong.
In addition to physical stores, she said, there are more to be paid.
\"Shopping experience on payless.
Com is different from the store. . .
This is the fastest.
\"The business is getting bigger and bigger,\" she said . \"
\"The store is a valuable part of the business, but the digital side is the focus of the event.
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