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Pay attention to the design of the kindergarten bag

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
Schoolbags are children's closest friends and witnesses to their growth. Nowadays, many kindergartens are looking for bag manufacturers to customize creative bags and give children the same style of bags. This will help to show the professionalism of children and thus establish the brand image of kindergartens. However, when customizing schoolbags, attention must be paid to the carrying Design of schoolbags. Pay attention to the carrying design when customizing the schoolbag in the children's garden, and the shoulder straps of the schoolbag should be as wide as possible. If the shoulder strap is too narrow, then long-term back on the body, it is very easy to hurt the shoulder, and even affect the children's physical development. Therefore, the shoulder straps of the schoolbag should be wide, which will help reduce the pressure caused by the schoolbag on the shoulder and spread the weight of the schoolbag evenly. In addition, the schoolbag should be equipped with a belt, which can make the schoolbag closer to the back and evenly unload the weight of the schoolbag on the waist bone and the plate bone to prevent the schoolbag from swinging, reduce the pressure on the spine and shoulder. If you want to make a bag with reasonable design, you 'd better cooperate with the bag manufacturer whose establishment time is longer than that of the factory. Generally speaking, the manufacturers who set up the factory often have rich production experience, and the product quality is guaranteed, and the brand reputation is better. Here, we recommend Xilong luggage customization manufacturer. We were established in 2004 and are an old brand luggage manufacturer in Guangdong. We have more than 10 bag design experiences and can definitely make bags that satisfy you!
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