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Pay attention to children's health: how to use children's pull-rod schoolbags correctly?

by:Xilong      2020-04-01
Children's trolley schoolbags have become a trend among children. More and more parents buy trolley schoolbags for their children one after another, but little is known about trolley schoolbags. In order to protect children's healthy growth, we should teach children to use the children's trolley bag correctly. The schoolbag manufacturer teaches you how to use the children's trolley bag correctly? 1. Long-term use of the trolley bag, it is necessary to change the two arms for a long time, not only exercise the body, but also train the coordination ability of the body. If you feel tired of pulling, when buying a pull-pull bag, you should choose a pull-back pull-pull bag and use the traditional load after hiding the pull-pull bag. 2. When going upstairs at school, remember not to drag the trolley bag by force. If you buy a removable trolley bag, separate the schoolbag from the trolley and carry the schoolbag upstairs with the trolley; It is even simpler to carry a bag that can be pulled back. Put the pull rod away and carry it upstairs. 3. On the way home, pulling a schoolbag is more likely to look at the road. Because the trolley bag is not like a schoolbag that can walk with the body, it is necessary to pay attention to the road vehicles and the walking people on the road, or directly change to the bag to walk easily.
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