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pathologist gives evidence at kenneth o\'brien murder trial

by:Xilong      2019-09-10
According to the Central Criminal Court, Kenneth O\'Brien died of a \"instantly fatal\" gunshot wound to his head, resulting in a severe fracture of the skull and catastrophic brain injury.
A pathologist said that the muzzle of the gun used was pressed on Mr O\'Brien\'s head at the time of launch.
Mr O\'Brien\'s head and limbs were cut off the torso \"neatly\", but this dismemberment was \"rough\" and did not show any knowledge of anatomy.
Deputy state pathologist Dr. Michael Curtis testified this afternoon at the trial of Paul Wells. Mr Wells (50)
Counsel for fenglass Barnamore Park pleaded not guilty to the murder of Mr. O\'Brien (33)
At the address during January 15, 2016.
He admitted that he shot and killed him, but he said it happened after Mr O\'Brien showed up at his house with a gun and they struggled in the quarrel.
The accused claimed that Mr. O\'Brien wanted to murder his partner, Emile Dunn, and that Mr. Wells refused to kill her.
He said he was \"panicked\" by chopping up the body in the backyard with a chainsaw, throwing his torso into his suitcase, and throwing his head and limbs bags into the Grand Canal in Co Kildare.
Dr. Curtis testified this morning that he was
On January 16, 2016, Mr. O\'Brien\'s torso was subjected to an autopsy, followed by an autopsy of nine other body parts found in four shopping bags in the canal on January 25.
The next day, each case was examined at Naas General Hospital.
He said that on the morning of January 17, he went to the scene of the Grand Canal and entered the forensic tent on the towel track.
He said he saw a dark blue suitcase containing the torso of an adult wrapped in transparent plastic.
Used to fix fasteners with red straps.
He said the handle of the case was broken and clean with only a small amount of water inside.
In subsequent posts
He said the autopsy found that the head was cut off around the sixth spine, he said.
As well as the removal of the head and limbs, these heads and limbs are \"neatly sawed \". . .
Consistent with the use of electric saws \", there are also surface injuries associated with the use of electric tools.
The body was relatively well preserved, he said. The second post
On the second day of the discovery of other body parts, an autopsy was performed on January 25.
The jury heard that four shopping bags were found, with knotted handles and more plastic bags inside, tied with cables containing body parts and house bricks.
A Tesco custom backpacks contains two parts of the left arm and two parts of the right upper arm.
The second Tesco custom backpacks has a head in it.
The canvas bag at the black Dunnes Store contains the left leg and calf with the foot attached.
The fourth bag, a canvas bag from the dunness store, contains the right thigh, the right calf and the foot.
The jury heard that one of the arms had a monochrome tattoo with letters, possibly the word \"Ken.
No recovery of hands.
In the head, Dr. Curtis said, he found a bullet entry wound on the left and back of the skull, tracking \"straight forward, slightly down.
\"The injury was a\" contact to enter the wound, \"he said,\" The gun opening of the weapon was already pressed on the head and all the discharged products entered the head.
This causes the scalp to \"balloon outward\" and crack, he said.
The skull was widely crushed and the bullet bounced back into the skull cavity, showing that there was not enough energy to let it go.
He says the brain is suffering from severe trauma.
Bullets and jackets are still in the head.
Dr. Curtis says there are severe skull fractures and catastrophic brain damage that will prove instantly fatal.
He found that the cause of death was a gunshot wound to his head.
It seems that dismemberment is with a high
Speed mechanical saw.
In cross-examination, Dr. Curtis agreed with Michael O\'Higgins SC\'s defense that \"there is no indication that any anatomical knowledge has been shown by the person dismemberment of the body\" and that \"cutting
\"Our evidence is coming to an end,\" said prosecution Sean Gillan SC . \".
O\'Brien\'s aunt, Lorraine O\'Brien, also gave evidence to the jury and judge Paul McDermott that they were two years apart and had a very close relationship as they grew up.
When Mr. O\'Brien returned from work in Australia in December 2015, she told the court that he was \"very happy . . . . . . Probably the happiest time I have ever seen him.
She said he seemed to be \"very relaxed\" and they were all happy that he came home and he seemed happy to be home too.
MS O\'Brien said he had told her that there was \"financial difficulties\" with the Australian company he worked for and that he had heard rumors of possible layoffs. In cross-
Examination, Mr O\'Higgins said that O\'Brien MS told galdai in her statement that her nephew was a \"very personal person\" and if he lent you his cell phone, what would he be;
If he put his mobile phone on the table, he will put it down in person.
\"This is true,\" she replied . \".
She told Mr gardai O\'Brien to \"get me off work\" and she asked him \"what\'s the big secret\" and Mr O\'Brien didn\'t make eye contact with her, and told her, \"I\'m not talking about money.
Mr. O\'Higgins said she told galdai that Mr. O\'Brien was not always kind to his partner, Emma Dunn, who was a \"closed book\"
Bilateral relations.
\"Eimear has never hurt Ken, it was Ken who caused trouble,\" she told the jury . \".
The jury heard that when Mr O\'Brien came back from Australia, he wanted to stay on the books of the company he worked.
MS O\'Brien understood that he insisted on paying some sort of money.
She did not know that he had told his boss in Australia that he would return to work in January.
Mr. O\'Higgins told her that when she and Mr. O\'Brien talked about the lack of money at times in Dunn\'s MS, she told gardai that he told her \"it\'s not your business.
\"Yes, this is the point of it,\" she replied . \".
Jean O\'Brien, the deceased\'s sister, agreed that she knew her brother had broken up with MS Dunne at one stage.
Mr. O\'Higgins said that she told galdai that Mr. O\'Brien was \"trying to get emmeier out of the house.
\"Mr O\'Higgins told her that if Mr O\'Brien did not introduce you to someone, she would tell galdai because he did not want you to know who they were.
\"He\'s my big brother and he\'s trying to protect me,\" she told the jury . \".
She agreed that she had heard a conversation between her brother and Paul Wells in which he talked about providing something for his boss in Australia to a cycling gang.
Mr Wells told him to \"stay out of this.
Mr. O\'Higgins said that when her brother came back from Australia in December 2015, she had already told galdai about her impression, \"he seemed distracted and was always on the phone.
\"If I say that, it must be my impression,\" she said . \"
The trial continues.
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