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Outdoor sports essential-Xilong suspension breathable mountaineering bag

by:Xilong      2020-03-27
Xiamen Xilong Travel Products Co. , Ltd. The latest mountaineering bag is professionally designed for outdoor sports enthusiasts. It adopts a brand-new suspension ventilation system and imported plastic mesh materials, minimize the compression caused by the body's complete contact with air, spine and joints. Breathable shoulder strap, ergonomically designed. Three-dimensional cutting belt soft high-density sponge with three-dimensional ventilation net attached to the outside can effectively absorb the transferred weight and improve the protection function. In the process of carrying, the weight of the backpack is scattered on the back of the bearer. Even if the burden is too heavy, it will not bring much weight to the travelers. The breathable design of the middle mountaineering bag there is a net pad that can be unloaded between the backpack and the back, so that there is enough air flow between the back and the backpack, in the process of carrying sports, the air flows and radiates the heat generated by the body, making travelers comfortable and fresh! Xilong mountaineering bag front effect picture the back of the Xilong mountaineering bag (Climbing bag suspension design) Xilong mountaineering bag side display (Mountaineering bag breathable design)
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