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On topics related to promotion

by:Xilong      2020-03-31
First of all, what is promotion? Promotion refers to the sales direction of consumers to convey all kinds of information about the enterprise and products, etc. , to persuade and attract consumers to buy their products, in order to achieve the purpose of expanding sales. Promotion is essentially an activity about communication between people, that is, the seller (Information provider or sender) Send out all kinds of information as a stimulus to consumption, and transfer the information to one or more target objects ( That is, information recipients, such as listeners, viewers, readers, consumers or users, etc)To influence their attitude and behavior. Common promotion means include advertising, personnel promotion, network marketing, business promotion and public relations. Enterprises can choose one or more combinations of promotion methods according to the actual situation, market, products and other factors. 'Special gift SP' It refers to a promotion method that gives a preferential treatment to the target customer when purchasing the product. Buy a gift, that is, buy a gift. As long as the customer buys a certain product, he can get a promotional gift. The most commonly used way, such as buy one get one free, buy five get two free, buy one get three free. Exchange, that is, purchase compensation will be given. As long as the customer buys a certain product and makes some compensation, he can exchange it for other products. For example, it costs a little money to exchange old ones for new ones, plus 1 yuan to send X×Product, spend another 10 yuan to buy another one, etc. Speaking of this, the following small series will give you a product suitable for promotion. I hope you like it: more luggage topics. 'Sweep and pay attention'
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