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On the value of promotional gifts

by:Xilong      2020-04-02
First of all, Shun Zi of Xilong luggage tells you what is a promotional gift? It refers to another kind of free product attached to the goods sold. It can spread the information of goods, help and promote consumers to be familiar with a certain kind of goods, and promote consumers to have a favorable impression and trust on the goods, in turn, there is an active purchase activity. The biggest feature of promotional products is that it is mainly a tactical marketing tool rather than a strategic marketing tool. Usually it provides short-term strong stimulation, which will lead to direct purchasing behavior of consumers. The value of promotional gifts: 1: effectively accelerate the entry of enterprise products into the market; 2: increase the consumption of products and increase the sales volume of enterprises; 3: persuade first-time buyers to buy again to establish buying habits; 4: drive the sales of related products 5: promote the brand, image and products of the enterprise more quickly--- More luggage topics'Sweep and pay attention'
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