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On the 'scope of application' of toolbox customization'

by:Xilong      2020-03-29
Xilong Xiaobian today to talk to you about the toolbox customization'Scope of application' 1, the car 4S shop, when the 4S shop station, will be equipped with a certain number of toolbox, to facilitate the use of tools and improve efficiency, at the same time can be commensurate with its grade, improve the grade. 2. The portable tool box of the staff, the stainless steel tool box of the ear picker, the repair tool box of the repairman, the doctor's medicine box, etc. 3. Passenger car and aircraft manufacturing enterprises: large passenger car and aircraft manufacturing enterprises have higher environmental requirements for tool workshops and larger stations, so they must be equipped with certain toolboxes. 4, large factories: large factories are mostly assembly line operations, the use of small toolbox is quick and convenient. 5, engineering maintenance personnel also need to use the toolbox------- With the continuous development of economy and the change of thinking, users have higher and higher requirements for the toolbox, which makes the toolbox have great development, not only in appearance, in the use of materials is also continuous innovation. The toolbox is not only convenient to store, but also easier to manage and carry, becoming the first choice for tool users! If you have friends from all walks of life who need to customize the toolbox in the near future, welcome to our Xilong Luggage Co. , Ltd. , our service will definitely satisfy you! For customized consultation, please call 400-0061- 690 free service hotline, sincerely look forward to your call! ! More luggage information'Sweep and pay attention'
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