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Notes on May Day promotional gifts purchase customization

by:Xilong      2020-03-28
During festivals, merchants will purchase or customize gifts for promotion. The May Day golden week of the year of the horse will soon be ushered in. In order to achieve the purpose of promotion and promotion, and to benefit the profit income of the merchants, the following three aspects should be paid attention to when purchasing and customizing. First, strictly grasp the cost-effective principle of procurement. At present, there are many ways to purchase. In order to have good quality and low price, ordinary merchants will customize gifts in large quantities through professional promotional gift malls or gift companies. Because there are many websites that customize gifts professionally through the network, there is more room for comparison in terms of variety, quality or price, which can reduce the cost to the greatest extent and choose the merchant dealer with the highest cost performance. For example, Xilong luggage, mainly engaged in luggage gift customization, can choose a large number of bags customized styles, moderate price, product quality, cost-effective. Second, buy seasonal promotional gifts. May Day is the last month of spring and is suitable for traveling. At this time, it is very suitable for enterprises to purchase travel-related items as May Day promotional gifts and give them to customers. Xiao Bian introduces some promotional gifts for travel, such as Xilong leisure backpack gifts, Xilong leisure waist bag, Xilong outdoor hiking bag, Xilong shoulder bag, etc. These customized bag gifts are used as May Day promotional gifts, because it is more practical, it is often widely welcomed by customers. Third, brand promotion is the key to achieve the purpose of promotion. The most critical purpose of promotion is to let the brand go deep into the minds of consumers. Therefore, when purchasing customized gifts, it is necessary to do a good job in the promotion of product brands and enhance the brand image of products on the premise of ensuring the quality of gifts. For example, the name of the brand is engraved on the gift packaging, or the appearance design of the gift is marked with the brand logo. All these can deepen consumers' impression of the brand. For this year's May Day promotional gifts procurement and customization, grasping the above aspects will be conducive to the effective development of promotional activities, and at the same time, Xiaobian reminds you, corporate friends in Xiamen, customized bags and gifts through Xilong luggage will help you attract new customers, retain old customers and promote products.
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