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no-name, brand-name or phony: it’s all here

by:Xilong      2019-09-02
Three people stood in a row of shabby lines on the sidewalk, with their backs facing the storefront and their baseball caps pulled very low.
Their eyes turned to the corner, they were alert to the police, and they muttered to seek --after —
It\'s probably illegal.
Items placed under a jacket or hidden in a corner. “Timberlands. ”“Jeans-jeans-jeans.
\"Jordan Air Force.
The Jordanian air force is here.
\"Shoppers can also find almost everything else here, on Broadway a few blocks south of 34 th Street. Sports jerseys. Sunglasses. Perfume. DVD’s fresh —
Maybe a little too fresh.
From the big screenName-
Maybe not brand sneakers.
Of course, there are Louis Vuitton handbags of unknown origin.
Police called it a fake Alley and said it was the top paradise in the city, no. name, and flat-Counterfeit goods.
Over the past two years, the city has seized nearly $50 million in counterfeit goods in the region and closed them under the same law that cleared Times Square to reduce nuisance, they said, 15 buildings in the area were once occupied almost entirely by counterfeiters.
But there are still thousands of people pouring in over the weekend.
Many are New Yorkers, but some travel hundreds of miles through a tourist bus, dragging suitcases and snowballs full of clothes back to North Carolina or Pennsylvania.
For them, this is a shopping center for the poor,
So the price is reasonable
In addition to the glittering, bustling Pioneer Square shops a few blocks away.
The ad \"this is the price you can get, with very little money you have,\" said Alan Earl of Belville, MI, 41.
She comes several times a year to buy socks, underwear and other clothes for her family, as well as silver jewelry for her home shop from a nearby wholesaler.
\"We do Christmas shopping here.
\"Although there are a lot of sidewalk vendors in the area, most of the fake Alley shopping is done in several old office buildings on Broadway and alleys.
Most are divided into dirty boutiques and record stores and run more or less like speakeasies.
There were no signs or billboards promoting their presence, and only a group of men muttered questions at the entrance to the building --“CD’s? Sneakers?
What do you want, man?
\"The answer is yes and you will be guided through the maze to the destination of your choice.
It\'s not a big square.
For example, the illegal thrill of entering a room full of $40 faux North Face jackets can easily be weakened by the sound of the door locked behind the shopper.
Marlene Scott, 48, from Pittsburgh, said: \"Terrible, terrible . \" She was standing outside a building recently. “I’m chicken.
\"She insisted on street vendors and wholesale shops asking for tips from other shoppers.
But over the weekend, a steady stream of customers can be seen leaving the office building, flashing in the sun, grabbing unmarked blue plastic shopping bags used by many stores.
\"Almost everything here is imitation,\" says Reginald W . \".
Street vendor Singleton on the latest weekend.
\"So everyone is a little nervous.
Whenever they see a white man, they think he is a policeman.
He pointed out that buyers and sellers of fake alleys are usually black. Mr.
Singleton went to get his stuff again. He sells —
He said quickly:T-shirts. Big T-shirts.
\"I sold the XL,\" he said . \"
\"2XL, 3XL, all the way to 6XL.
I don\'t even have a big gift.
\"The lady said, \'If I buy one, can I get one for free? \'And I said, no!
He announced to passers-by.
\"Nothing is free except talk.
\"There are advertisements nearby, and Carlos Joseph, 50, is a street vendor whose city sells perfumes --
A permit to shake from his neck.
Like most vendors on Broadway.
Joseph made a good distinction between names.
He sells branded perfumes and counterfeits, as well as fake perfumes that he does not sell.
\"It\'s legal for me to do this because I don\'t want any problems with the law,\" he said . \". Mr.
Joseph sells a few bottles of jeans.
Paul Gaultier perfume for $15
It may be four times more expensive in a store.
He said he bought a lot from wholesalers.
\"This is true,\" he said . \"Mr.
Joseph points to another bottle of perfume, which has no label, but is shaped like a perfume sold at a boutique department store under the name of a pop star.
\"This is not the case, Britney.
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Outside the Street, within the scope of the old office building, the boundary is not very clear.
Some stores only sell legitimate off-
Brand products, overstocked goods and profit-based products
For example, Rastafarian religious book or CD for traditional Senegalese music.
Others sell mixed off-
Brands and fakes.
\"We don\'t sell anything illegal,\" said a vendor named Dem, who runs a store in the Broadway building near 30 th Street.
\"I deal with the companies that went down. ” Two-year-
For example, the price of old Rocawear jeans may be less than $10.
\"We just want to make some money,\" he said . \"
But law enforcement officials hold a less moderate view of the trade, saying the area is full of crime and counterfeit goods.
A 2004 report by the New York City Auditor General\'s office estimates that New York loses about $1 billion in taxes each year due to counterfeit goods transactions, although some analysts say the figure is exaggerated.
Police say their concern for public safety is like the lost sales tax and the ripped --off tourists.
\"These buildings violate every regulation in the book,\" said John feinblatter, the city\'s criminal justice coordinator.
\"The exit sign is erased, or the fire passage is locked or blocked by a box of goods.
They are fire pits.
\"They are also often the scene of burglary, shooting and even murder.
At the beginning of last year, in a building on West 27 Street, a Hawker was killed and another injured in a quarrel with a customer.
Later that summer, a tourist in Baltimore was killed in crossfire.
The CD warehouse on West 29 Street was robbed.
Part of the reason is that some local businesses, especially those running jewelry stores in the region, say they support law enforcement.
\"Too many places on the avenue are involved in the business,\" said Saif Khan . \" He sells clothing, jewelry and sunglasses on the street.
Front store on Broadway
\"If you are selling fake goods, you are hurting the city and the legitimate business.
Police say some counterfeit goods are still being advertised in about six buildings nearby.
But officials said that as law enforcement shut down a large number of buildings concentrated in fake shops, entrepreneurs have been moving to open small spaces further down Broadway.
At the same time, some people running stores in old office buildings complain that police are keen to crack down on counterfeiters and even harass legitimate businesses.
\"They make life difficult.
They arrested you for free, \"said Boubacar Savadogo, who sold no.
In a boutique in the Broadway building, people can name wool jackets and jeans, and on weekends, people sell imitation iPods in corridors.
\"For me, they found life, and I found life;
Do you know what I mean?
You don\'t know if it\'s true or not.
\"A version of this article appears on page B1 of the New York edition with the title: No-Name, Brand-
The name is still fake: it\'s all here.
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