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New innovation industry promotes demand for instrument and equipment toolkits

by:Xilong      2020-04-06
As a Special Economic Zone, Xiamen is at the forefront of innovation in everything. With the continuous strengthening of the concept of innovative upgrading, Xiamen has begun to lay out future industries such as robots, wearable devices, intelligent equipment, aerospace and so on, focus on cultivating new growth points for Xiamen's innovative economy. The rise of these industries has undoubtedly increased the demand for instrument and equipment kits. For this reason, Xiamen Xilong bags also focused on the research and development and production of military industry and intelligent equipment kits in 2015. Take the aerospace industry as an example, Xilong luggage has successfully developed and designed a multifunctional 'for Xiamen Dongfanghong in 2014. Force tactical test instrument kit' This kit is mainly used in military combat detection and belongs to the technical field of electronic equipment testing. It solves the data problem of testing accurate distance more quickly and effectively in combat. This style of military tactical testing instrument kit is mainly made of military Digital camouflage waterproof material, which is strong and wear-resistant; There are two multi-functional bags on the side of the tool backpack to facilitate the storage of physical objects; The front picture is designed with concave-convex shape according to the instrument, which is small and exquisite; The back frame adopts a decompression carrying system to make it easier to carry; The shoulder strap is made of thickened nylon webbing (Car seat belt material) All stressed parts are reinforced by jujube, and each tool kit is equipped with a special tool bag for tripod to ensure safer and more convenient use. Dongfanghong fact show, Xiamen aerospace Dongfanghong Haite Satellite Co. , Ltd (Xiamen Dongfanghong for short) Founded in October 2008, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of China's reform and opening up and the complete success of Shenzhou VII manned space flight, an important measure to build an industrial development base for China's microsatellites and jointly promote the construction of an innovative city in Xiamen. Xilong bags, as a supplier of Dongfanghong, have always strictly required the production process of quality, striving to achieve the best, and have been recognized by customers in terms of technology and service. For those who need to customize the toolkit, please consult: 0755-25808884
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