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new calif. law bags the plastic

by:Xilong      2019-08-08
On Tuesday, efforts by environmental activists to encourage reusable shopping bags were greatly promoted, and California became the first state to ban grocery stores and convenience stores from using most plastic bags.
Spurred by concerns about the threat of pollution from ubiquitous plastic shopping bags, the government.
On Tuesday, Jerry Brown signed the law on the July 2015 ban.
Many other local governments in Los Angeles, San Francisco and California, and elsewhere in the country, have passed or implemented similar bans to encourage reusable bags, and reduce the blockage of waste plastic water and cleaning the ocean.
California became the first state to impose a statewide ban.
\"This bill is a step in the right direction,\" Brown said in a signed statement . \".
\"It reduces the torrent of plastic that pollutes our beaches, parks, and even the vast ocean itself.
\"We are the first to ban these bags and we will not be the last one,\" he said . \".
The plastics industry slammed the move and promised to lead a statewide vote to repeal it.
The American progressive pack Coalition, an industry lobby, said the law would endanger jobs and cause grocery stores to charge consumers higher fees.
The company says most plastic bags are reused by consumers for garbage disposal, cleaning up after pets and other uses.
\"A back-office transaction between grocery dealers and Union owners is to cheat California consumers with billions of dollars without providing any public interest, all of this is under the guise of protectionism, said the executive director of the industry group.
The new law applies to plastic bags provided on cheques
Starting in July 2015, at large grocery stores and supermarkets, and will be extended to convenience stores and pharmacies in the second year.
It does not apply to bags for production and meat, nor does it apply to non-food retailers.
Consumers are encouraged to bring their own reusable bags when shopping, but the law allows stores to charge 10 cents per bag when customers ask for paper bags.
The sponsor of the bill, Democratic senator.
Alex Padila of Los Angeles predicts voters will reject the plastic industry\'s attempt to abolish it in the ballot box.
\"For those who are concerned that paper may charge 10 cents, the simple and elegant solution is to bring a reusable custom backpacks to the store,\" said Padila . \".
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