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nendo design studio reinterprets longchamp\'s iconic le pliage bag

by:Xilong      2019-09-04
French leather goods maker Longchamp partnered with Japanese design studio Nendo to provide its fans with a brand new experience of the brand\'s signature Le Pliage package.
This is the first time \"it bags\" has been completely reimagined.
The design is attractive, stylish and the most important thing is its functionality.
Founded by Japanese designer Oki Sato, Nendo digs the depth of its creativity and imagination, giving new life to the Le Pliage package of Longchamp, one of the most famous works of the brand, re-imagine the bag as a functional, beautiful item placed at home.
This feature-centric innovation project forms three different styles of packages.
\"My appreciation for nendo is their absolute respect for the Le Pliage code.
They want to keep the DNA of the original product. -
\"Nylon, Russian leather, flip and folding but with a whole new twist,\" noted Sophie de La Fontaine, creative director, Longchamp.
So far Le Pliage bag offers two different experiences-
One is when it is carried as a bag, the other is when it is folded up.
Now, \"it bags\" has been shown in a brand new light as a storage object placed at home.
The x Nendo series of Longchamp consists of three variations of different themes.
The first version has a removable and foldable reinforcement that allows the bag to form the shape of the cube for storage and transportation or shopping bags.
The second is the cone.
The shape of the bag, with a handle, can be used to carry or hang from the hook or track.
The final creation, inspired by the Japanese furoshiki folding cloth, is a round bag carrying items.
Depending on the model selected, Longchamp offers a variety of sizes and colors and is even able to adjust between the two fabrics to suit the tapered version.
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