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nelson: ndp tweets itself in the foot

by:Xilong      2019-08-08
No matter what you think of the following words, one thing is certain: they are made up of those long term
Provide numbers in the collective name of my finger.
To say what will appear, at first glance, it is clear that it seems appropriate now, due to the adoption of the latest Mini
Stupid storm provided by Alberta\'s Environment Minister Shannon Phillips.
Not content to show Alberta how to boost energy
To save a lot of government spending, Phillips now manages to screw up his Twitter account, claiming it\'s not her, but an employee, who recently said, urging people to eat less meat.
Why would anyone, especially the Crown minister, allow someone else to write something in their name and broadcast it to them
Without prior inspection, know nothing about the world
Indeed, a few days ago, Phillips wrote a comment on the issue of clean energy and imports on this page, although as far as we know, given recent developments, probably from her cat.
Relevant tweets support an environment --
A list of friendly New Year resolutions from the rybridge minister\'s constituency, which, among other things, suggests reducing meat consumption.
MLA Phillips in Lethbridge \"needs a solution\"
West, released a local group of 30-
Environmental Challenge Day
\"Use reusable shopping bags, shorten the shower time, unplug the electronic device, eliminate the idling of the vehicle and eat less meat.
At first it looked like it was flying harmless under radar, but Jason Kenney, the UCP leader, was on Twitter (
At least we think it\'s him)
Some simple empty net points.
\"As someone who supports farmers and ranchers in Alberta --
Delicious steak from time to time-
\"I will not accept the proposal of the National Democratic Party,\" Kenny replied succinctly . \".
In any case, this eventually leads to this head
Phillips\'s scratcher: \"I left my Twitter account around New York day, and the tweets from employees are regrettable.
I am sure this will not happen again.
\"It\'s a pretty bad thing to promise that it won\'t happen again --
A way to make sure it\'s not safe, it takes a simple measure not to allow anyone who works for you to pretend they\'re you-to send out your own message, or, if it\'s too much trouble, then at least insist on reading everything others type under your name.
Of course, there is a much bigger problem at work than the strange self-change that seems to run in the communications department of this minister\'s office.
This is the division of elected seats in Alberta, and the NDP hopes that in less than 18 months, the next provincial vote will continue to retain power.
A rough guide will divide the seats into three groups: Edmonton, Calgary and others.
Today\'s traditional view shows that the government has a reasonable opportunity to keep a few seats in the capital, and even less wants to keep the seat in Calgary, with few snowballs getting a lot from other places.
Of course, under the UCP flag, the merger of Wildrose and PC parties is the main stumbling block to any possible success of the Big Dipper outside the major cities.
But the hastily introduced farm safety legislation, known as Bill 6, is a direct self-
It has dealt a heavy blow to the government\'s future hopes in the mainland.
Despite some serious setbacks
Two years ago, many rural wardens were still there, so the last thing the government needed in the upcoming elections was an aimless attack on beef, whether the attack is unintentional or still the pork and poultry industry in the main areas of employment and wealth
A generation in Alberta
Then, in order to find out that this laziness is contained in a public message, not even seen by the minister, his name is purely political madness attached to this message.
Chris Nelson is a writer in Calgary.
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