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need ideas for teacher gifts but not in the way that you think.

by:Xilong      2019-08-21
Ladies, the parent-teacher meeting at our school is preparing a Christmas \"gift bar\" for our teachers \".
So the idea is that we will decorate paper shopping bags with each teacher\'s name, grade, etc.
Then we will have a table with baskets full of gifts on it.
Each teacher can choose one thing from each basket to fill their bags.
I need to know what we should come up.
I think 5 projects are a good number.
I know two of them are: a \"mystery\" gift card --
We will get $10 gc for restaurants, Starbucks, Target etc.
The $10 place is useful.
They will be in an envelope, so it will be a surprise.
Candy\'s cinema-sized box needs more ideas.
We have 27 teachers, so I have at least 27 for everything.
We have a very small budget that will be confirmed around next week and I would like to come up with some ideas when we come up with a number.
Thank you very much for any comments!
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