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napa, sonoma are open for business — and would love to see you

by:Xilong      2019-08-18
The California wine country fire is finally under control.
The skies of Napa and Sonoma are clear and blue.
Recovery takes years.
8,000 people have lost their homes and businesses, 42 have been displaced and 42 have died.
If you want to help the victims of these devastating fires, especially small businesses and their employees, you can do something enjoyable and impactful: Visit Napa and Sonoma. Go soon.
This is the end of the Napa Valley harvest season-
The locals call it \"secret love \".
It is usually the peak of the tourist season.
After the fire, the tourism industry fell and enterprises were in trouble.
MORE: Sean capeaux, president and winemaker of the oshawnisi winery, said that the column page of Ronda Abu \"harvest is a very good time in the valley.
\"There is no real autumn color in California, but there are all sorts of colors in the vineyards during the harvest season.
The fire did not affect the vineyards at the bottom of the valley.
\"Normally, hotels, restaurants and wineries are not full because after the fire, other plans have been put in place,\" he said.
So, \"The times are already open in all these places.
\"The visit to AO Xiaoxi came through an appointment.
Osannis Winerycom.
To learn more about local attractions, visit the websites of Napa Valley and Sonoma County.
Don\'t forget these two.
Handling events-
Sonoma wine & gourmet tour and Napa Valley Film Festival.
Also, keep in mind that the operators of many wineries will support the fire rescue work.
When visiting Napa Valley-
Now or in the future-
Buy at least one bottle of very special liquid and don\'t leave.
You can enjoy it even if you don\'t drink.
This is a bottle of olive oil from St. Helena Napa Valley olive oil factory, one of the oldest and most popular small businesses in all of California\'s wine towns.
Napa Valley is surrounded by olive oil used by locals.
Authentic Old
The World store is located in a white barn on a small street in the center of Napa Valley.
Visiting it is a step back in time.
You will find Narcisa luchase-
A delightful, mentally shaken Italian female parent
Small shop. It\'sa 70-year-
Old Napa Valley institutions owned by the Lucchesi and the participelli families.
The origin of the store dates back to 1919, when Gugliermo Guidi came to San Francisco and later opened an Italian deli there.
Then, in 1931, he retired to San Selena.
\"The area reminds him of his hometown of Luca . \"
\"Guidi saw that the olives were going to be scrapped.
He thinks it\'s his DNA to make good oil.
\"I remember when he saw the big olives, he told me, \'Oh my God, the bigger the better.
But the first few batches he did were really bad.
It took him a few years or so.
\"Olive oil is custom made from 1940 --
Made for them in the Sacramento Valley, as Napa Valley has olives long enough to meet the needs of Gidi.
\"This is a special blend of California olives,\" Lucchesi said . \".
\"All first press, cold press, extra virgin, unfiltered.
The olive oil is really good for four things.
In addition to the original olive oil, cheese, salad rice and pasta, more than 20 different types of olive oil and 20 flavored balsamic vinegar are produced in the store.
Lucchesi\'s filing system will send a shudder to most small business owners.
She piled the bill in a carton.
She records the customer\'s label on a brown paper custom backpacks, the \"cash register\" is an old rolltop desk.
The recent fire did not destroy the shops, but the lack of visitors could damage the bottom line.
\"We are closed in a few days,\" Lucchesi said . \".
\"We don\'t have electricity.
We put some lanterns.
We don\'t have a computer-
All we need is a little light.
\"You can call to order if you can\'t go to Napa Valley (707)265-6866.
You can also visit the website of their new store in Napa city. nvoliveoilmfg. com.
\"The whole valley is ready for tourists and customers.
We are all eager to bring everyone back here . \"
Rhonda Abrams is the author of 19 books including entrepreneur spirit
The world approach, just released in the second edition.
Get in touch with Rhonda on Facebook and Twitter: @ RhondaAbrams.
Sign up for Rhonda\'s free business tips newsletter at www. PlanningShop. com.
Narcisa Lucchesi\'s lemon olive oil cake recipe \"Buy a yellow cake mixture when sold for a dollar.
Don\'t spend too much money.
Replace the recipe with our lemon olive oil. Bake.
Give it some berries.
If you like, make cakes from scratch later, but don\'t invest too much time or money for the first time before you see if you like it or not. One bottle (
Napa Valley olive oil manufacturing company. lemon-infused oil)is $17.
16 ounces 50.
You can make a lot of cakes for this.
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