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my family lived plastic-free for a week: it\'s harder (and more expensive) than you think

by:Xilong      2019-09-03
Last week, the prime minister vowed to crack down on \"one of the biggest environmental disasters of our time\" and eliminate all \"avoidable\" plastic waste in the next 25 years.
She says singles in Britain alone
The plastic thrown away every year fills the Royal Albert Hall 1,000 times. I believe it.
Because in my own territory-even though it was a family of four, we were overwhelmed with plastic.
Plastic toys are scattered on the floor.
I can blame the children for this (
Four and seven years old).
But in my fridge, almost everything is in it (
Includes a plastic tray where each piece of Parma ham is covered with its own plastic sheet).
The bathroom was filled with plastic potions and lotion.
I have a cabinet dedicated to \"lifetime bags.
This cannot continue.
However, unlike the Prime Minister, I decided not to wait until 2042, but to call the children downstairs and my husband and announce an immediate ban on all singles
Use plastic packaging.
At least a week.
This is the case. . .
According to the cucumber growers association, 490 tons of plastic are produced each year, just to cover cucumbers in British shops.
Lidl was attacked for selling \"naked onions\"-that is, peeled onions and then put in plastic, to preserve their dignity-after the customer pointed out that it was just a few pieces of cauliflower steak with herbal dressing, Mark and Spencer had stopped selling \"cauliflower steak\", plastic packaging and higher price tags.
I went to witrose to buy fruit and vegetables and made the first mistake: eating four greedily --year-old.
She pointed to a plastic sheet of raspberry.
\"Now, why can\'t we have these?
I asked religiously.
\"Because the fish\'s belly is full of plastic,\" she said, as soon as she saw it.
Estimate 12.
Every year, 7 million tons of plastic enters the world\'s oceans, so plastic is found in the third ocean in the UK. caught fish.
Frieda knew that because I told her in the car.
However, it was difficult for her to sympathize with cod because she threatened to point out: \"My own belly is empty . \".
So we went to pick up the loose bananas.
14 p per pack, nearly 3 p cheaper than the one wrapped in plastic.
Now, however, we can\'t buy their watch brothers in bags. it costs us nearly 10 pence to buy each of our apples.
It turns out to be typical.
Last week, a study found that more than half of supermarket vegetables would be cheaper if packaged in plastic.
Although we had to pay a little more for our resignation, we did not receive the shopping list. Frozen peas (
Staple vegetables for children)
Apparently out.
In fact, it is almost impossible to find cucumbers without packaging. Lettuces too.
And celery, berries, grapes . . . . . . The local market proved to be more productive.
Our vegetables and cabbage are a complex vegetable.
Of course, I don\'t know what I will do, it only took me two hours to do it by hand
Select loose items that I usually buy in a few online clicks.
Seeking advice, I called MD Alice gay of video game company PaperSeven, the mother of two children who survived without plastic in 2017.
She said: \"It feels like a marathon when you start, but once you find out about your store and everyday life, you get addicted.
She explained that when plastic --free.
Instead, she spends part of her time writing a weekly meal plan every Saturday and then goes to various shops near her East Sussex home, where she knows she can get things without packing.
She said: \"Without plastic, I can only buy celery in one place, while in another, I can buy cucumbers.
Since Alice has already planned her route, she thinks that shopping like this will only add a little more time and a lot of satisfaction.
She said: \"I don\'t think we have produced a lot of plastic yet, and the money I spend on local businesses is about 95, back in the local economy.
I have never preached our way of life to others, but it is worth it.
\"Half of the week, I was woken up by the sound of two children, jumping up and down, screaming:\" He\'s been there all the time! He’s been!
\"No, it\'s not Santa Claus. it\'s a month late: milk delivery.
We ran out of milk two days ago.
All the supplies in the supermarket are plastic bottles, so I bought soya-bean milk in cardboard containers and placed an order with the milkman.
On Friday night, he won\'t be able to give birth until Monday, so the children endured 48 hours of \"torture\" without milk \". Our new, glass-
Bottled milk is expensive (
A pint of 99 p, compared to 60 p for Sainbury plasticBottled version).
But it seems important because I received an email from Helen Bird, a waste recycling and collection consultant --
Reduce charity packaging. “Around 3.
\"The UK market puts 7 million tons of plastic each year,\" she said . \"
\"Of them, packaging accounted for 2. 2 million tons.
The most serious offenders, she explained, were plastic bottles, accounting for 39 of consumers who used packaging.
Pot bowl trays basin and tray accounted for, movies accounted.
On a global scale, our addiction to plastic bottles means we buy millions every minute.
Less than half of the UK\'s final recycled products.
Instead, more than 16 million people are burned or discarded in the landscape or ocean every day.
With this information, the trouble of recalling and handling around reusable water bottles seems negligible.
I also put a reusable coffee cup in my bag.
Then I found plastic in my tea bag.
Since plastic is everywhere, it is difficult to eliminate it-you can\'t even see it in some products.
The idea was frustrating until I remembered that there was a drink that was almost entirely made of glass: wine.
Good people will be rewarded after all.
I found it relatively easy to buy meat and fish.
Of course, not in the aisle of the supermarket, but at the counter of the deli, the assistant agreed to put my salmon and sausage directly into the paper bag, except for the usual plastic film, if found interesting.
My local butcher is as amiable as a fishmonger, even after I scoffed at the sticky label that sealed their paper bag.
The only obstacle is ham.
I can\'t find a place to sell it where there is no packaging.
Our sandwich looks sad.
At Tesco I saw my husband sneak a look at his beloved plastic
Parma ham.
On Tuesday, Iceland announced that it would become the first supermarket to remove plastic from its own supermarket. brand products.
This week, however, it is not possible to buy most dry goods in major supermarkets.
We stared at the entire aisle of pasta, noodles, and rice, and their plastic packaging gave us a provocative wink under the bar lights.
There is even a plastic bag in the carton of cereals.
We bought Scottish oats and et mai before we retreated.
I then found a logo for a business called Reyouzable.
It is currently only available in certain London ZIP codes, but it works in such a way that the purpose is to expand.
You order the unpacked dry goods (
Also some cleaning supplies and toiletries)
Through its website.
They will send your item to your home or local collection point, after which you can transfer your item from the paper bag to your own jar.
I had coffee with founder Gavin Prentice.
Reyouzable is less than a year old, he said, but site traffic is now \"going through the roof, partly because of the blue planet \".
\"We received an email asking us to send the goods to new areas in London, Cambridge and northern England,\" he told me . \".
However, there is a problem. Cost.
At present, the price of 400 grams of organic rice is 2. 61.
The cost of 500g at Sainsbury\'s. 90.
Gavin said: \"When we started, I wanted to match the price of the supermarket exactly, and then the reality started.
\"The huge purchasing power of supermarkets has allowed them to cut prices sharply.
Until Theresa May\'s \"plastic Dream\"
\"Free access\" can be achieved, reducing the plastic means of using smaller independent stores and services, thus increasing the price.
Gavin is optimistic, however.
Despite the cost differences, the growth of Reyouzable shows that the wave of public opinion is shifting sharply in terms of plastic packaging.
That growth, he hopes, will bring prices down quickly.
Also, he said: \"You don\'t have to throw away all the plastic.
Most people can\'t afford it at present.
By changing a few products, you will help put pressure on big suppliers and supermarkets to make the whole thing easier and more affordable.
\"The cookies, candy and yogurt my kids crave are wrapped in plastic.
I promise to bake.
Noting that this is not my strength, I immediately \"forgot\" and no one reminded me.
Instead, I carry bananas and raisins with me.
Over the weekend, bananas, raisins and receipts are combined to form an elastic paper skin --
M é Ché at the bottom of my handbag.
The counter of the supermarket deli came to the rescue again.
I bought a thick cheddar cheese wrapped in paper.
It disappeared at an amazing speed (
May be due to lack of other snacks)
I bought more things at the farmer\'s market without activities.
But I have become too proud.
It seems very simple to buy bread in a paper bag at a local bakery.
Lunch time is a friend on Sunday.
I read through the recipe and realized I needed pitta bread.
I did not follow the first rule of plastic
Free Shopping: Plan ahead.
The bakery is closed.
I was forced to buy plastic.
Pack pita from a shop around the corner.
Lunch tastes like a landfill and a landfill.
During my most frustrating time, I stopped at a local health food store and found a treasure trove inside.
Dry Goods are placed in the dispenser and you can fill the paper bag with it.
There is a large bucket of olive oil that you can use to fill your own bottle, a bottle of apple cider vinegar, and an entire \"refill station\" for honey and a variety of cleaning products \".
I was carried away by a cheerful mood.
I filled the laundry and laundry detergent and bought the children a bamboo toothbrush.
Then, from the lush chain of natural cosmetics, I bought shampoo, conditioner and deodorant sticks in paper bags.
Last year, Lush sold 5 million shampoo sticks, blocking the production of more than 15 million plastic bottles (
The amount of shampoo per shampoo bar is about 3 times that of ordinary bottled shampoo).
In fact, there\'s only one thing I can\'t find plastic --
Free: toothpaste.
Glass cans are sold online but the weekend is coming and I can\'t wait to ship.
So inspired by a new resourceful feeling, I tried to convince my child to try a homemade mixture of baking soda, coconut oil and mint oil. They back away.
\"Oh, go on,\" I said, \"What do I bribe you?
There was a flash in my son\'s eyes.
\"A toy,\" he said.
\"A big plastic toy.
\"Simon Ailin, CEO of the daily Plastic Recycling Association, which you should absolutely avoid: Supermarket black plastic meat plates: due to the carbon black color of these materials, infrared technology cannot be extracted in the material recycling facility.
Tube of potato chips: especially potato chips.
These tubes are made of cardboard housing, metal lining, metal base, foil and paper, and plastic cover.
This combination makes recycling very difficult.
Disposable coffee cup: it is usually laminated with plastic or polyethylene to make it waterproof.
There are several factories in the UK that can recycle them, but it is difficult to collect enough quantities to make them economically viable, as they tend to be consumed on the go, then throw in any old trash can together with the mixer, plastic cover and coffee splash.
Wrapping paper: if it\'s really paper, it\'s fine.
But a large part of the wrapping paper we bought is plastic.
In addition, it has found a way to recycle plants that are equipped with tape and flash, which can pollute the entire load.
Sandwich Box: or anything of a plastic window glued to the cardboard because they can\'t be recycled together and each one will pollute the other.
Plastic straws: recyclable in theory.
However, the infrared technology of the recycling plant can select shapes, polymers and colors to ensure that different plastics are collected separately for recycling.
The straw is too small to pick out.
Cotton Bud: same problem.
In addition, since they are a mixture of paper or cotton and plastic, one will pollute the other.
Disposable Small bag: Unlike glass bottle ketchup, disposable small bag ketchup can not be washed properly.
As a result, they almost always contain residues of highly contaminated sauce.
Food bags: baby food bags, seasoning bags . . . . . . These are all bonded together by several different materials, so it is completely unrecyclable.
Alice guy chose the organization that helped her live a life without plastic: Suma Wholesale: \"an excellent independent whole food wholesaler, it\'s a great choice for people who don\'t have packaging --
There are free or all free shops at their doorstep.
A lot of their pulses, grains, nuts and so on are packed in paper.
Gather a group of friends and share the orders between you. ”sumawholesale.
ComEtsy: \"From reusable cotton pads to natural toothpaste and deodorant sticks, homemade products and free plastic toiletries are a great source.
Here you can find many outstanding local independent producers. ”etsy.
ComMilk & More: \"The first port of call to transport milk and juice at the door of a recyclable glass bottle.
They have a zip code finder on their website, so you can check if they serve you locally.
You can manage delivery online and update your order when needed. ”milkandmore. co.
UkLush: \"a great range of packaging
Free shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant and even make-up. ”uk. lush.
Supermarket ComEthical: \"not completely free, so be careful.
But the online store does store a lot of useful things like recycled foil, Compostable bins, coconut food scraper, loofah dishwasher scrubber and bulk cleaning products.
\"Moral supermarket.
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