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Multi-functional fashion mummy bag helps you bring your baby easily

by:Xilong      2020-03-07
For mothers who need to take their babies out, if they don't have a bag with enough capacity every time they go out, all kinds of baby items really can't be loaded, if they carry big bags and small bags, it is easy not to take care of the baby. For this reason, all kinds of mummy bags came into being. Mummy bags are one of the magic weapons for mommy to deal with the challenge of going out. They can be classified into all kinds of bags and personal belongings, try to give Baoma more space to take care of the baby. Let's take a look at this fashionable multi-function mummy bag with self-developed design of Xilong luggage. This mommy backpack uses 300D cation as the main material and has good waterproof and wear resistance. The backpack mainly consists of six parts: Front sub-bag, main bag, back invisible bag, bilateral side bag, shoulder strap, hand strap, etc. The front sub-bag is divided into two parts: the small main bag and the small sub-bag. It can be classified into small and small items such as keys, baby snacks, baby diapers, small towels, etc. The front main bag adopts a retractable closure method, it is convenient to access the contents of the bag when opening the bag. The interior of the main bag is designed with five compartments, which can be used to place baby bottles, clothes and other items in categories, making it easier to access the items in categories. The back of the backpack is equipped with an invisible anti-theft bag, which can hold valuables such as wallets and mobile phones to prevent valuables from being lost due to improper attention when the treasure mother takes her baby, and the periphery of the invisible anti-theft bag is also equipped with a luggage case strap, when using the trolley case, you can place the backpack, liberate the mother's hands, and take care of the baby with all your heart. The shoulder strap adopts a wide and thick curved breathable grid design, which conforms to ergonomics and halves the shoulder burden, giving users a more relaxed and healthy carrying experience. The top of the backpack is also equipped with a hand strap. When the user does not want to carry it, the hand strap can also be used. The hand strap and the shoulder strap stress point both adopt the jujube reinforcement sewing method to increase the stress of the backpack, also strong and durable. The double-sided side pockets of the backpack are designed with large volume and retractable type. Some large-capacity water bottles are properly put in, which completely solves the problem that the small side pockets of the backpack have limited the volume of the water bottle. Of course, Baoma can also place any items they want on the side pockets. The above is the introduction of Xilong luggage about this mummy bag. If you like it, you can consult a small Editor or call the hotline 400-0061-690 learn more.
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