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Ms. crossbody bag how back good-looking?

by:Xilong      2020-04-03
Crossbody bag is the favorite of girls. It can make girls cute and cute, and it can also make girls sexy and capable. If you have a crossbody bag, have you ever thought about how to carry it? The matching of this bag has a lot to do with it. Xilong bags will give the girls some advice. First, the size of the sling bag. The strap of the crossbody bag can be adjusted according to the height of the height, but this is only the meaning of the surface. The crossbody bag feels different according to different lengths. Because girls are long and short, and the lower body is long, if it is a girl under 165, the messenger bag strap is best at the waist (Including waist)Above; The tall one is at the waist, showing temperament and moving. Second, the choice of crossbody bag color. The crossbody bag is one of the important ornaments for decoration, but it is only an ornament and cannot be more outstanding than clothes; Therefore, the color of the crossbody bag should be as simple and clear as possible. If you wear it in one tone or add a small body decoration, you can also match all the clothes. Third, the back of the crossbody bag. The difference between the crossbody bag and the shoulder bag may be different in size. The size of the crossbody bag will be larger than that of the common shoulder bag, and it is more casual. If it is a travel, we can choose to carry it and fit the travel activities; If you simply go shopping, you will have a special temperament and more femininity if you choose the one-shoulder style.
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