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montreal mulling ban on plastic bags

by:Xilong      2019-09-14
In some jurisdictions, the proposed ban has been controversial and the attempt in Toronto a few years ago ended up failing.
The mayor of Monterey, Dennis cordré, agreed, but hoped to get a better understanding of the situation through the public consultation that had just begun.
\"We have to think about global issues, but to take local action, this is one of the issues we have to look at the impact on our planet,\" Coderre said in an interview . \".
The use of plastic bags in Quebec has dropped sharply due to the public awareness movement and the five
Cents charged by retailers.
Quebec now uses about a billion bags a year, half the size of a decade ago.
Coderre admits that this statistic will be large in the final decision of the city. \"I\'m firm (in my position)
But I will, \"said Coderre.
\"Should we ban them altogether or should we look
Pierre Dubois, sustainability consultant at the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, said the consultation would allow his team to express their opposition to the idea.
\"We think the ban may be the worst way to solve environmental problems,\" he said . \".
The ban on carrying luggage can cause other problems, Dubois said.
If consumers forget about their reusable cloth bags, paper bags and larger carbon footprint, the store may choose them.
Consumers who use shopping bags to treat waste in turn have to buy more bags.
\"Changing one material to another is not necessarily a panacea,\" Dubois said . \" He supports education on recycling and reuse.
Statistics, he said, show that approximately 59 Québec people will reuse shopping bags at least once or twice, and more than once --
Third, recycling.
The crime of throwing them into the trash can is about seven points.
\"When I saw a bag flying along this road, I agreed with you and I backed down,\" Dubois said . \".
\"That person can put it in their blue box and someone can do something else with it.
\"With the ban being watched in the United States, exams are taking place in Montreal.
In last October, California became the first AmericanS.
The state will pass a single ban.
The use of bags after a long battle triggered a decision in Montreal to some extent.
But the statewide ban was put on hold in February after a trade organization forged enough signatures to put it on hold for a referendum in 2016.
Still, hundreds of California cities, including Los Angeles and San Francisco, have regulations banning plastic bags. Large U. S.
Cities like Chicago, Seattle and Austin also have bans.
In Canada, Toronto failed in 2012, and some smaller cities succeeded.
In 2007, Ye rapids, people.
Become the first city to ban singles
Use plastic shopping bags.
Huntington and Dewu in Quebec
They were banned by montanis.
Retail Advocates also question how tourists in Montreal will respond to these restrictions.
\"We\'re worried because we don\'t think we\'re using the right mechanism to deal with this,\" Nathalie St-said . \"Pierre, vice-
President of Retail Council of Canada. St-
Pierre pointed out that plastic bags used in stores are recyclable and that the city should focus on the treatment of organic waste rather than banning it.
She said the city cited the problem with landfill sites, but she thought plastic bags were just a small part of the landfill.
Coderre said the city is still drafting a new garbage policy.
When Montreal launched plastic, he said
Neighboring towns and suburbs will also follow.
\"There are a lot of people who are sensitive to this issue, so I think it is a good policy to look into it,\" he noted . \".
The consultations will continue in June and are expected to be made later this year.
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