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\'modi bags\' from surat to woo voters in bihar elections | surat news - times of india

by:Xilong      2019-09-23
Surat: The manufacturer of Surti sari is now preparing for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Bihar.
Up to 10 lakh sari packages with Prime Minister Narendra Modi\'s photos printed on the Bihar map background are ready to be sent to Patna.
At least 25 Sari traders from various textile markets in the city form a syndicate to provide professional non-offerings for their brand Sari
Woven bags made locally.
In the 2014 sabsabha election, the merchants customized the sari box with the image of Narendra Modi, then BJP prime minister candidate.
This time, traders printed bags with pictures and slogans of Modi \"sabka Saath Sab Ka vikas\" and the name of the sari brand.
Gangrenpozi Agarwal, who owns Radhey Sarli and Modi Himani fashion and enthusiastic supporters, said, \"I am not alone.
25 traders on the market are doing similar brand promotion activities in Bihar.
The design of the Modi bag is the same, only the name of the Sally brand has been modified.
I have printed 50,000 bags and 5,000 of them have been sent to sari traders in Patna.
Ashok Khaitan, the owner of Supriya fashion, said, \"We have printed 75,000 Modi bags and insist that traders there sell sari with Modi bags to give a lasting impression to female customers.
We also remember that in last year\'s Lok Sabha election, the bags left a lasting impression on voters. \" A non-
The woven bag manufacturer of Ring Road Manish Patel said, \"We produce non-
Biodegradable shopping bags designed for sari traders.
I have customized the order for 2.
Prepare 5 lakh Modi packs for different traders.
\"The cost per bag is RS 6, which includes customized printing by the manufacturer.
Traders have set a target to supply more than 10 lakh Modi packages.
The city has more than 165 textile markets and more than 65,000 textile stores.
The daily turnover of Saris and garment materials is Rs 110.
Market sources said saris worth about 70 rupees per day from Surat to different destinations such as Delhi, Mumbai, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha, Kolkata and Punjab.
The daily business value of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in saris is Rs 15.
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