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Missouri is considering a bill that would ban plastic bag bans

by:Xilong      2019-08-07
The plastic custom backpacks war has come to the center.
The city of Columbia is considering becoming the first city in Missouri to ban singles.
A State Council group will vote today on a bill banning the use of plastic bags across the state.
The bill is similar to the \"shopping custom backpacks Freedom Act\" proposed by the Texas representative in 2013.
Drew Springer responds to Austin\'s singleuse bag ban(
Springer said: \"This is just the latest example of a government elite trying to step in between businesses and consumers, trying to push for a misguided nanny --state agenda”).
But it adds the dimension of representation. Dan Shaul (R-Imperial)
He said he also served on the board of directors of the Missouri Grocery Store Association.
\"I mean yes, it could be a conflict if you want to,\" Shaul told The Associated Press . \".
\"I don\'t think so.
\"Nevertheless, Shaul insists that banning packages will have a negative impact on the industry and consumers, especially the poor ---
Disposable plastic bags are actually more eco-friendly than reusable ones-
There is a clear conflict with the facts.
The proposed ban allows businesses to provide reusable or recyclable bags to customers who do not bring their own and charge a fee of at least £ 10
Their cents, but for those with low incomes, give it up
Income from food aid.
Businesses do face a fine of $500 a day for not complying with the ban, but they have a very easy way to avoid it.
As the media pointed out, a number of studies have found that plastic bag bans reduce waste and energy use: 2011 reports from the United StatesK.
The environmental mechanism found that paper bags made of low packaging materials and reusable bags
Density Polyethylene (LDPE)or non-
Woven polypropylene (PP)
Only 3, 4, or 11 times of repeated use, respectively, can have a lower impact on the environment than plastic bags (
Reusable cotton bags need to be used longer, which only indicates that they are not the best option to pursue).
A report from the non-2013
The partisan Spring Equinox Center studied the effectiveness of the package ban in the California city of Jose and Santa Monica and Los Angeles County, and it is expected that a similar ban in San Diego may lead to a 56% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions throughout the city\'s grocery bag life cycle, in addition, solid waste production has decreased by 9%, and total energy use has decreased by 32%. (
This will result in a 119% increase in fresh water consumption, mainly due to the amount of water needed to produce paper bags. )
Shaul believes that most people will reuse plastic bags at least once, although others believe that they are unlikely to find a use for each of the nearly 1,500 plastic bags taken home by an average American family every year.
Although he suggested that it might be good for us to figure out how to recycle plastic bags instead of banning them --
In good faith, it ignores how inefficient this is ---
When people mistakenly put them into recycling bins, they end up blocking the equipment and making it harder to run the recycling facility.
At the same time, it is difficult to exaggerate the environmental benefits of the main scourge of reducing plastic pollution.
There are a lot of places where we can do a good job of reducing waste, but, the first step in solving this problem is obviously to get rid of the practice of distributing plastic bags for free ---
Maybe it will inspire people to think twice without the need for a bag at all.
However, Shaul may be right on one thing: \"If it starts in Colombia,\" he said of the ban, \"it will spread like wildfire, especially inLouis area.
\"He seems to recognize that the ban on carrying luggage is spreading across the United States. S.
This is an affirmation of all the above.
When Shaul struggles to ban the package ban, the representative. Mary Nichols (D-
Maryland Heights)
Introduce legislation to impose plastic restrictions across the state.
\"I don\'t want to see this patchwork,\" she told the Columbia Daily Tribune . \".
\"I \'d rather see it grow across the state. ”
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