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Men's briefcase brand ranking list

by:Xilong      2020-04-15
For men, briefcase is not only convenient to store a lot of things, but also a good briefcase represents his status and symbol. With so many bags on the market, what brand of briefcase is good? Xilong luggage editor to share with you. 1. Louis Vuitton LV ( In 1854, France, the world's top 500 brands, the world's first brand in the field of luggage and leather goods)2. Gucci Gucci ( Founded in 1923, one of Italy's largest fashion groups, top ten briefcase brands and famous luxury brands) 3. Prada ( Milan, Italy, in 1913, is the world's top luxury goods and is famous for its fashionable and high-quality series of products ,) 4. Armani GiorgioArmani ( World famous luxury brands, world famous fashion brands, one of the world's most famous designer brands) 5. Goldlion ( In Hong Kong in 1968, influential brands in men's business wear industry, famous leather brands, listed companies and large multinational companies) 6. Dunhill, Dunhill ( Founded in 1893 in Britain, it is a world-famous luxury brand, specializing in the design/production of leather goods. 7. MontBlanc ( In 1906, Richemont Group's brand, one of the highest representatives of the PEN World, diversified high-end brands)8. COACH Kouchi ( Founded in 1941 in Manhattan, New York, one of the most popular and successful leather brands in the United States) 9. BottegaVeneta ( BV, a famous luxury brand originated from Italy, is famous all over the world for its novel and unique leather products)10, seven wolves leather ( Founded in 1996, one of the main products of the seven wolves group and one of the leading brands in the domestic leather industry)
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