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May Day travel, how can I get less with the box

by:Xilong      2020-03-10
The May Day holiday is coming, and many people have begun to plan how to play. When it comes to going out to play, a suitable luggage case is a rare good helper in the journey. How can I get less accompanying boxes when traveling on May Day? Below, Xilong bags will tell you about the May Day trip, how to choose a good luggage case, let's learn about it. 1. Quality, the quality of the luggage case refers not only to the durability of the material of the luggage, but also to the durability of the parts including the handle, the pull rod, the pulley, etc. Because most travelers use luggage in the way of pulling, if there are quality problems with pulleys, pull rods or handles, it is inevitable to cast an unpleasant shadow over the journey. 2. The choice of wheels many brand bags are equipped with universal wheels, which can be pushed and translated horizontally. Compared with two-wheel bags, which can only be pulled and slid unilaterally, universal wheels are relatively more convenient to use. When trying out, know whether the walking wheel of the luggage is flexible to rotate, and try to buy pulleys with bearings. 3. Is there a clear layering inside the internal compartment, such as dry and wet layering, folding clothing bag, hanging zipper bag, document storage, notebook computer bag and other areas, according to personal needs, choose products with obvious interval. 4, size, the main mainstream bags are 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, 24 inches, 26 inches, 28 inches and 30 inches. The Civil Aviation Administration of China stipulates that the weight of personal checked baggage cannot exceed 50 kilograms, and the volume cannot exceed 40×60 × 100, more than the above provisions of the baggage, must obtain the prior consent of the airline to check. The weight of self-care luggage should not exceed 10 kg, and the volume of each piece should not exceed 20×40 ×55 cm. The May Day holiday is not long or short. When you buy a suitcase, if the luggage is not particularly large, you can choose 20 -? A 24-inch box, this size luggage case is enough for short-term travel. Custom luggage case, look for Xilong luggage custom manufacturer! It has been 15 years since the establishment of Xilong bags. It not only has a certain scale of factory buildings and edition houses, but also has perfect production equipment. At the same time, it also has professional research and development designers and skilled production Masters, the quality of luggage case is guaranteed and trustworthy!
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