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May Day luggage customization, take you into the luggage inspection process

by:Xilong      2020-04-22
May Day is a good time for enterprises to give employees benefits. Nowadays, many large and small companies are popular to find luggage manufacturers to customize bags. First, May Day is also a small holiday, most of them choose to relax outdoors, giving away luggage is the most appropriate. Second, luggage can play a very effective propaganda role, making the corporate image more friendly to the people and more widely known. The following is the scientific popularization of the inspection process of the relevant manufacturers, for you to know more about the custom bags. Luggage inspection process, first, confirm whether the size of the finished package is correct. Second, check whether the raw materials meet the requirements. 1. Fabric, lining ( Whether the yarn roughness, color, density, thickness and color fastness meet the standards, whether the adhesive PVC should not be white and soft, and whether the yarn is clean, bright and drawn)2. Mesh (Mesh shape, gram weight per meter, color)3. Artificial leather should reach the thickness required by the Enterprise order, and the adhesive should be dense enough and not easy to tear. 4. Nylon zipper ( According to the order requirements, the size, specification, color and color fastness of the main pull, the attached bag pull and the inner pull are correct, and the pull teeth are not noisy and need to be smooth, do not get stuck or too tight, the density and width of the zipper edge must meet the requirements of the specific order). 5. Pull head pull tab ( The size and specification of the pull head, whether there is a keyhole, the nose of the pull head cannot be broken, and whether the letter, color and size of the pull tab are correct. )6. Webbing, edge band, elastic band ( Color, grain, weight, thickness, color fastness, tightness)7. Pipe strips, corner guards ( Color, color fastness, material, size specifications are correct)8. Plastic accessories ( Handle, Buckle, Hook, D-shaped buckle and other plastic products should be subjected to destructive tests, and whether the size, color and shape of buckle, Hook, D-shaped buckle, business card frame and other fasteners meet the requirements of enterprise orders. )9. Hardware accessories ( Color, anti-acid treatment, size, wire diameter, special anti-rust treatment of steel nails)10. Steel wire, iron frame, honeycomb frame ( Wire diameter of steel wire, width of iron frame and honeycomb frame after molding)11. Tie rod, wheel ( Pull the pull rod to be smooth, no noise and Peace)12. Trademark (Whether the letter, size, color, etc. are correct), Whether the cloth label is correct. 13. Wrapper class ( Elevator, hanging wire, carton, quality and printing content are correct) May Day luggage customization, please identify Xilong luggage manufacturers! Xilong luggage, a professional custom employee welfare luggage, is a personalized demand luggage manufacturer that saves you worry, making your enterprise advertising customization more convenient, efficient and low-cost. Xilong luggage has more than 12 years of professional customization experience, the first choice for top 500 enterprises, and word of mouth guarantee!
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