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May Day luggage custom style big recommendation

by:Xilong      2020-03-08
May Day is a festival belonging to the working people. Many enterprises will customize some special gifts for hard-working employees on this special festival. So, what gifts are more suitable for employees on May Day? Xilong luggage recommends customized luggage. Let's take a look at Xilong luggage manufacturer's recommendation on the customized style of May Day luggage and what the reason for recommendation is. 1. Computer backpack, computer backpack is very convenient for notebook computer users. When working, it can not only hold notebook computers and files, even short-term when traveling can encase the certain clothing can be described as is a package in the hand travel worry-free. In daily life, computer backpacks are also very practical. When shopping or traveling, you can also use computer backpacks to store certain items, adding convenience to daily life. Therefore, on May Day, employees will be given a dedicated computer backpack for employees, which will make employees feel the full care of the company. 2, folding backpack, folding backpack has been small size, large capacity, portable and received the favor of consumers, May Day holiday, many people will take advantage of the holiday to go out to play, however, you should not carry too many items when you go out to play, otherwise it will become a burden on the road. The folding backpack can adapt to people's use needs. It is good to open it directly when it is used. When it is not used, it can be folded and put into the pocket without occupying the place. Customize such a light folding backpack for employees, I believe it can also be favored by employees. 3. Luggage case, for enterprises whose employees need to travel frequently, it is very suitable to customize a luggage case with enough capacity to give employees, after all, it is still tiring to travel, A light luggage case can make the business trip easier, and the luggage case is also very practical for the May Day holiday, but the customized price of the luggage case is much higher than that of the backpack, so, if the enterprise budget is relatively high, you can choose to customize the luggage case for employees. Enterprises customize May Day employee welfare employee gift bags and bags, and look for Xilong bags and bags. Xilong luggage professional custom gift bags, with more than ten years of personalized luggage customization experience, no matter in the style, materials, technology, are customized according to the requirements of customer design, service many big-name enterprises, good reputation is trustworthy!
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