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May Day employee welfare gifts, 'custom' a health to employees

by:Xilong      2020-03-26
The annual May Day is coming soon, which is one of the more important festivals of the year. Many companies will send a gift to each employee on this May Day to express their gratitude and recognition to the employees. However, how to choose the welfare of May Day employees has become a difficult problem in the company's procurement and personnel administration. The following Xilong custom luggage editor recommends a custom luggage gift for you, hoping to help you solve this problem. Get rid of,'Sub-health' Where to customize a health gift--' Xilong outdoor backpack presented to employees' Office workers living in the city cannot avoid working with computers for a long time. The harm of sitting for a long time is increasingly eroding the health of white-collar workers and people working in factories. Many people have varying degrees of malaise, fatigue, weakness, emotional instability, sleep disorders and other symptoms, which have a negative impact on life and work. Therefore, the custom backpack is given to the employees as a welfare gift, so that the employees can take advantage of the May Day holiday to go outdoors to do more exercise, which is undoubtedly a health gift to them. In particular, custom-made outdoor leisure backpacks will definitely make employees feel moved. The following recommends an employee welfare gift' Xilong casual backpack' This outdoor mountaineering bag is made of nylon waterproof material and is designed with two main zipper bags and functional bags. The zipper used in this model is a reverse zipper with unique design. The back is made of breathable sandwich mesh and soft pearl cotton. When walking, the mouth in the bag will not directly collide with the back. Sports and Leisure backpack as a May Day gift will become this year's Labor DayLaborers' Of course, this is also related to the current situation of urban sub-health in the society. The modern fast-paced urban life makes people gradually neglect the care for their health and health. Hurry up and carry your bag, go outdoors and take a breath of fresh air! Sending health is more valuable than anything, because health is a lifetime wealth.
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