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max verstappen crashes yet again in practice for the azerbaijan grand prix

by:Xilong      2019-09-24
Max verstappen sat around the corner waiting for a ride after a crash in the first practice of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The 20-year-
The old German faces a non-
After high-profile turnovers in every match of the f1 season, a string of criticism has stopped this season.
His recent mistake caused Verstappen to lose control at three turns at the Baku street circuit.
When he collided with the obstacle, he felt helpless and damaged the back of the car, leaving him in trouble.
Verstappen is obviously very talented, experts say, but he has no patience, which makes him pay a high price.
For example, two weeks after hitting Sebastian Vettel in China, he immediately admitted that he could have waited another corner or two to pass the front runner of the F1 world driver championship.
This time, Verstappen was stuck on the corner and looked down at a woman carrying a shopping bag and called with her mobile phone.
Red Bull riders also rotated in Australia\'s first race, crashed in Bahrain\'s qualifying match and later retired after a collision with Lewis Hamilton.
Verstappen\'s most recent accident happened 24 hours ago, saying he planned to drive faster and vowed not to let his previous crash make him a cautious driver.
He said: \"It is a wrong attitude to slow myself down because I am not here to fill the field.
\"I just want to be myself.
\"You learn from mistakes, but that doesn\'t mean you have to drive slower, actually faster, but maybe a little more in control.
\"Mercedes\'s Valtteri Bottas are the fastest in their first practice.
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