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Matters needing attention in selecting men's shoulder bags

by:Xilong      2020-03-15
Men's use of one-shoulder backpack is exquisite. The user's age, character and identity should be consistent with the style and color of the bag, and should be coordinated with clothing; So, how do men choose shoulder bags and backpacks? First, choose the color you like and the pattern of the bag. This is very important. Bags can be matched with clothes, belts, shoes, even scarves or headdresses. So the first step is to choose what you like. Shoulder bags and backpacks are divided into vertical and horizontal styles according to different styles. They are divided into straight and flap types according to different opening methods. They are divided into shoulder-back and shoulder-back types according to different carrying methods. For any men's backpack, as long as there are no flaws in the following elements, then this bag is basically a bag with fine workmanship and reliable quality. 1. Straps: an important part of men's one-shoulder backpack and the most easily damaged part. Check whether there are stitches and cracks on the straps to see if the connection between the straps and the body is strong. All kinds of men's backpacks should pay attention to the straps, and the one-shoulder backpack family will pay more attention to the load-bearing and firmness of the straps, and pay special attention when selecting. 2. Surface: flat and smooth, with no seams outside the design, no bubbling and no bare burrs. 3, line: Whether using open line or dark line sewing Tide men's backpack, the length of the stitch should be uniform, and no thread is exposed, pay attention to whether the stitching is wrinkle-free, whether the lines have all gone, see if the place of the cable head will cause the cracking of the bag. 4. Li: whether textiles or leather products are selected, the color should be coordinated with the envelope. There are many seams in the lining, and the stitches should be fine and not too large. 5. Hardware: as the external decoration of the bag, it has the effect of finishing the point. When choosing a bag, 51 Life Information Network should pay close attention to the shape and workmanship of hardware. If the hardware is golden, be sure to consult whether it is easy to fade. 6. Glue: when selecting bags, be sure to pull all parts to see if the glue is strong. In particular, some fashionable men's backpacks will attract people's attention because of their good style and excellent decorations, but if these decorations are not firmly bonded, then it loses its characteristics. 7. Zipper: Check whether the surrounding wires are tight and whether the connection with your backpack is natural. In particular, some key bags, cosmetic bags and the like will store more hard things, more attention should be paid. This article is compiled and released by the Xilong trolley luggage customization center.
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