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Matters needing attention in selecting customized backpack fabric

by:Xilong      2020-03-07
When it comes to customizing backpacks, an unavoidable topic is the choice of backpack fabrics. Customized backpacks can choose corresponding fabrics according to customers' preferences. Today, xilong luggage manufacturers will tell you what matters should be paid attention to in the selection of customized backpack fabrics. Come and understand. 1, according to the backpack use to choose the fabric can be customized backpack fabric has many kinds, different fabrics have different characteristics, for example, waterproof, wear-resistant, luminous, fireproof and other fabrics have different characteristics. When choosing fabrics for customizing backpacks, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing fabrics with relevant characteristics according to the purpose of backpacks, for example, if customizing outdoor backpacks, the selected fabric should be waterproof, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, so that the quality of the outdoor backpack will be better. If the computer backpack is customized, it is necessary to consider choosing fabrics with waterproof, wear-resistant, earthquake-resistant and other characteristics, which is also to effectively protect the notebook computer in the bag. Therefore, when customizing a backpack, you should pay attention to the choice according to the purpose of the backpack and the items that are often loaded in the bag. 2. Select the fabric according to the budget. The fabric is not used due to its characteristics, and the price difference is very large. If the customer does not know the fabric selection when customizing the backpack, you can seek the help of the luggage manufacturers, let them recommend the right fabric according to their own budget, which can save time and choose a better fabric. 3, pay attention to the quality of the fabric feel visual inspection is the most direct and simple way for consumers to distinguish the fabric quality, good fabric feel is very delicate, visual inspection is mainly to see whether the fabric is smooth, whether the surface is uniform and soft, and whether the workmanship is meticulous. The hand feeling is to distinguish the softness, fullness and elasticity of the fabric surface through the actions of mold, pinch and grasp, it feels warm and comfortable without grinding your hands, and will use natural drape when hanging. This is the end of the introduction to the fabric related to backpack customization. There are many kinds of luggage fabrics. When ordering luggage, you can make corresponding choices according to the purpose of use, budget, style, etc. Luggage customization, please identify the Xilong luggage customization manufacturer. Xilong luggage products are customized with high-quality fabrics, and good products come from good fabrics, xilong luggage is a luggage manufacturer integrating luggage design and development, processing and customization, and independent sales. For more than ten years, it has been committed to customizing all kinds of luggage such as backpacks, computer bags, travel bags, pull rod luggage, etc. The product range is complete, it is a high-quality manufacturer customized for enterprise backpacks!
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